Former Judge Speaks Out!

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In anticipation of the upcoming political season, Former Superior Court Judge Harry Doss sat down with FYN recently to discuss his announcement for candidacy of Appalachian Circuit District Attorney. In this interview, we learn who Former Judge Harry Doss is, exploring his personal and professional background. We also find out what prompted him to run for Appalachian Circuit District Attorney. We delve into The Commission on Judicial Qualifications investigation of the former judge. We probe Doss, asking him about the accusations against him. The accusations we examine include misuse of state property, misuse of government funds, and failure to rule on motions within a 30-day time period. Doss speaks out on his 2009 resignation from his Judgeship, defends the accusations against him, and discusses the prospect of his upcoming campaign and the challenges he faces running against incumbent District Attorney Joe Hendricks.

Watch the former judge candidly criticize District Attorney Hendricks. Watch Doss call Hendricks vindictive, immature, and unqualified for office. Follow this riveting series of interviews with Former Superior Judge Harry Doss and learn more about the new candidate for Appalachian Circuit District Attorney.

Sound bites from FYN two and a half hour interview with former Judge Harry Doss. What question will Harry not answer, will he re from Fetch on Vimeo.

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