Brewery Ordinance Changes prep Jasper for new business


JASPER, Ga. – Final approval came this month in the City of Jasper’s ordinance changes for breweries in the area.

While details were discussed last month on setting the costs for the license at $1,500, it was the July 2 meeting that that approved the final adoption as well as the effective date of the ordinance change to the alcoholic beverage ordinance allowing the business as well as the zoning ordinance change to include Brewery in the accepted uses under General Commercial (C-2) and General Industry (M-1).

The amendment allows brewers to manufacture malt beverages and beer in the city limits of Jasper and provides for the creation of the authorized license for that end. Additionally, City Attorney Bill Pickett confirmed the breweries were allowed to have consumption on premises and were exempt from city restrictions for consumption.

This means the allowance of tastings and similar events on premises of the brewery.

With the new ordinance, last month’s meeting indicated that other popular options at breweries would be available such as growlers and crowlers. For those still curious, a growler is a container or vessel that is used for the transport of beer. It can also be described as an air-tight jug, typically made out of glass, ceramic, or stainless steel that allows you to take draft beer from one place to another without a degradation of quality. A crowler is similar but in can form.

Citizen interest has already been shown as well as the business interest of at least one brewery to come. The only question citizens have raised so far is how the facilities will handle parking. A subject the council indicated would be handled with the zoning into only industry and C-2 commercial zonings.



Grants and Proposals in Jasper City Council


With two council members missing, Mayor Weaver called to order the City Council Meeting on Monday, December 8.

Four major items sat upon the agenda for the meeting along with an executive session. The council approved its Pointnorth Insurance package as presented by Joe Walker. Although an increase was expected in Property Coverage, it and several other areas actually either experienced no change or a decrease. In fact, the package only increased by $7,000.

Next, the City Council heard the presentation by Amy Leake of the Downtown Alliance for bids on a Traffic Enhancement Study to improve the streets in downtown Jasper. The Alliance had several interested but only received two proposals for the study, from Kimley Horn and Keck & Wood.

The proposed bid for the council was Kimley Horn. Leake told the council this proposal won due to several things such as a very specific timeline provided to keep track and progress on the study. Kimley Horn also will keep everything “in house” for the study with no need for extra outside contracting as well as helping with grants for the project that this study would suggest for improving the downtown area. She also told the council that Kimley Horn will not charge extra fees, like other companies had in their proposals, should the project plans need multiple revisions.

The council approved this proposal to move forward with the study.

City Clerk and Finance Director, Lisa Hoyle presented the third item as she read a proposed resolution to apply for a grant from the Georgia Department of Natural Resources (DNR) for a grant totaling $100,000 for a trail traveling parallel to the rail road from Arbor Hills to Jasper. This would be between a 1.5 and 2 mile trail according to Mayor Weaver. This resolution would also authorize a local match which Mayor Weaver stated would be 20%. The council motioned and approved this resolution to apply.

In the fourth item, the council approved 10 renewals for Alcohol Licenses for 2016 including Dos Margaritas III, Dunn’s Food Store, FATZ Cafe, Jasper BP, Madeline’s Cafe and Bakery, Johnny’s New York Style Pizza, Pueblo Cantina, Quiktrip, Tater Patch Players, and Walmart. All of these were approved.

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