Short Takes – A Return to the Draft? A Memorial Day Thought


Suggestions are swirling again about a return to the draft. For those born after the 1960’s, the draft was compulsory military service for two or more years. Throughout America’s history from the Civil War to Vietnam, different rules governed who was drafted, how one could get a deferment or a buy out, or get a political commission to work his time on a staff. That was all rife for abuse, and, it was abused.

Deferments were applied to account for medical reasons like, say flat feet and lung diseases, but a medical officer at the induction stations would make that decision. If you got your notice, you had to show up for induction and if you passed, your life changed forever.

Political deferments for celebrities, politicians and sons of politicians, like Ted Kennedy, were created while many others, stood up, begging their way into uniform. John Kennedy and his older brother did so. They weren’t famous then but their father had been US Ambassador to the UK. Hollywood stars flocked to the ranks during WW2 and did their duty as the government needed, including combat.

The draft was a numbers system, most draftees going into the army. With usable skills, one could be enrolled in a technical program for training as a mechanic, medic, or radio operator, otherwise, it was into one of the combat arms, Infantry sucking up the most. Only a few draftees ever went into the US Marine Corps or the Navy, because they filled their needed quota’s with volunteers. Many escaped the draft by school deferments and some when drafted, ran away to hide. During the Vietnam war, it was to Canada.

Many, eager to fight, volunteered to join a combat arm. That’s where the action was. For many, it wasn’t until they were covered with blood, sweat and the brains of their buddies, that they realized the awful truth about combat. It’ was then when a boy became a man and what he experienced would stay with him for the rest of his life. Every Memorial Day reveals more of these stories as the old Vet’s pass away.

Since 9/11, the military has had no problem filling its ranks with volunteers.These patriotic young people, with a few exceptions like Bowie Bergdahl, stay the course and remained loyal active members of their units. Many re-enlist to continue the fight and many comeback without limbs, emotionally traumatized or forever needing care. Some alas, never come back.  

America celebrates these fighters twice a year, Memorial day and Veteran’s day when the sacrifices of our military men and women are recognized and honored. How many people do you see today stand to attention when the American flag passes in review? Veterans always do. It’s honor and sacrifice.

The problem with a return of the draft today is that most of our youths are not qualified. They have been subverted by an education system, its teaching ranks filled with the anti-war radicals from the 1960’s, like the Clintons. Our schools have failed to educate our young people about Americas traditional values and why we fight, or have lied about our history making it hateful. That’s a sad but true fact. The one great pool of true Americanism, the Boy Scouts, is being perverted into a potential pool for pedophiles.

Do we need a return to the military draft? I don’t think so! To recreate a program that expects its personal to perform, even to die on a battlefield, but turns many of them into deserters requiring efforts by the military to keep them, was never good for moral. Cowards in the ranks reveal themselves quickly and their whining can bring the moral of a whole unit down to their level of defeatism. Too, a new draft would now necessarily demand the inclusion of our daughters. Those that want to go, can do so now. Those that don’t, should stay home and tend the home fires. Today, on this Memorial Day,  just be thankful Hillary Clinton’s not President. That’s worth cheering about.

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em! Hug a soldier today and have a happy Memorial day event. (26May18)

Happy Memorial Day & Thank you to all who serve & have served & sacrificed!

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Memorial Day, originally called Decoration Day, is a day of remembrance for those who have died in service of the United States of America.

They are not just a solider; they are someone’s child,
They are not just a soldier; they are someone’s love,
They are not just a soldier; they are someone’s parent,
They are not just a solider; they are someone’s friend,
They are not just a soldier, they are our soldiers.
May we never turn them into a statistic and always remember all the hearts they touched, courage they personified and life they had lived. To the families of our fallen words can not express our sadness. We will not forget all you have given. We are so sorry for your loss.


Pickens County Memorial Day Service


The Pickens County Memorial Day Service was held Monday May 30th at 10:00 a.m. at the Sunrise Memorial Gardens, 364 E Church St,  Jasper GA.

The David Collins family at David’s grave honoring his and their ultimate sacrifice for country.  Sargent Collins, a native of Pickens County, was killed in action on April 9,2006 while on duty in Ramadi.


The Metro-Atlanta Young Marines of Greater Atlanta presented the Colors.



Randy Smith of the Marine Corps League Detachment 1280 stands with Dale Green, father of the speaker, S/SGT Jason Greene, program speaker and Detachment member Wayne Poore.



Detachment Marines join in singing “America the Beautiful.”




A wreath honoring Women who lost their lives in defense of the United States was one of five floral arrangements  placed at Sunrise Memorial Gardens during the Memorial Day Remembrance in Jasper.  The program was led by Marine Corps Detachment 1280 with speaker S/SGT Jason T. Greene of the Marine Corps Wounded Warrior Regiment.  The Marine suggested “everyday should be “Memorial Day and the remembrance might be better observed if moved to the day before we celebrate our Independence on July 4th.




Max Caylor

Pickens Memorial Service

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A day in memoriam. (more…)


Memorial Day Activity Schedule


North Georgia Mountain Marine Corps League Ceremony
When: 9:00 a.m.
Where: Sunrise Cemetery, 364 East Church St across from Ingles shopping center

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