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Georgia House of Representatives District 27 Doug Collins spoke at the Fannin County GOP Meeting Monday night. Rep. Collins is running for the newly created 9th congressional district. Both Collins and his opponent, conservative talk show host Martha Zoller are from Gainesville.In the introductions of Rep. Collins, Fannin County Republican Party Chairman, Brian Stanford and Georgia Republican Party Executive Director, Kevin Harris made it clear that they do not endorse candidates. They may not have officially endorsed Collins but they sure gave him a warm welcome.

FYN learned later from Collins that House Speaker David Ralston has endorsed him and plans to hold two fundraisers for him. The first fundraiser will be in Atlanta at The Commerce Club on Thursday September 22nd. Most of the House Republican Leadership will attend with a minimum contribution of $250 for a guest and $500 for a friend. The other event will be held next week in Young Harris with former Senator Zell Miller.

Governor Nathan Deal has not endorsed Collins at this time. Rep. Collins told FYN that he attended school with the Governor’s son and will work hard to earn Deal’s endorsement.

Collins addressed a room of approximately 50 Fannin County citizens. During the first 30 minutes he spoke of his family, military service, experience in government service, run-a-way spending in Washington, national debt and last but not least his faith. He stressed to the room his close friendship with House Speaker Ralston.

Collins answered questions regarding different departments such as the EPA to the Department of Education. He said in reference to some departments that they need what he calls bumper pads. Meaning if a government agency tried to over reach they should hit a bumper pad. He also discussed how you can’t keep cutting the part of the budget that equals only 15% and never cut the part that equals 85% entitlements.

Fannin County is currently represented by 9th District Tom Graves which is moving over to the 14th District and will now most likely face a primary challenge from Steve Tarvin. Most folks are happy with Tom Graves and are displeased to be losing him. So the citizens did not hold back, they asked tough questions and Collins was happy and eager to answer.

FYN had an opportunity to speak with Rep. Collins after the meeting. We asked him if he could clearly define the differences between him and Martha Zoller. His opponent Martha, is a popular conservative radio talk show host with a long list of accomplishments in the broadcast industry. Maybe that’s why in our interview with Collins, after he got past the pleasantries about Martha and that she is his neighbor and a friend; he goes straight into experience matters. It matters that…, it matters that …, it matters that… some people talk …talk…talk. Although Collins said he respects what Martha has done on her radio talk show there is a clear difference in doing a budget and talking about what should be in one, I have a proven record.
Listen to the interview below with Rep. Collins

This may be the year politicians have to make an “experience matters” case to the voters opposed to the Herman Cain statement regarding career politicians asking “how’s that working out for you?”

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