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I know “it’s been a long time I shouldn’t have left you,” but I been busier than Kim Kardashian’s divorce lawyers. There’s a great deal of sports to cover and so many story lines, from Tears Tebow struggling to complete passes like Jim Abbot doing push ups, to the NBA lockout.First I’d like to address the fantastic weekend I had watching football this past weekend. F.U.F. lost in Jacksonville, despite UGA doing almost everything it could to lose the game. Tech, as the boys in the hood say, “put them thangs” to Clemson, in an upset for the ages. The Falcons didn’t lose, thanks to an off week. The team I despise almost as much as F.U.F, the Saints, gave the Rams its first win of the year, and the aforementioned struggles of Urban Cryer’s favorite son.

I could not have been happier. It’s always good to see the home teams win, and anytime F.U.F. loses it’s a good day. Now many people will ask, “How can you despise Tim Tebow?” The answer is simple; he went to F.U.F. (reason enough right there), plus F.U.F. fans love him, so I therefore must wish nothing but a lack of success for him on the field. That being said, Tears Tebow could be a great NFL player, just not at the quarterback position.

He is not an NFL quarterback, plain and simple. He threw a pick six to Chris Houston “We have a problem the receiver is running by me again!” Yes he has all the intangibles; however, when it comes to the NFL, one must have tangibles to play the quarterback position. Simply put, Tears can’t throw the football well enough to lead an NFL team. He was great in college, but that was college. The pro game is a whole different cup of tea. The pro game features the best of the best. He just isn’t good enough. I do think he would make an awesome defensive end or linebacker, where his physical attributes and intangibles would be very complementary.

The NBA is currently locked out and games are being missed. Too bad nobody cares because football season is still here. Call me in February, and then maybe I’ll pay attention. In a related note, at least the worst ownership group ever, The Atlanta Spirit, is no longer in charge of my beloved Hawks. HALLELUJAH!!!!

My beloved Falcons will be taking on the hapless Indianapolis Colts, and thanks to the aforementioned Saints loss to the Rams, I believe that there will not be a loss. I think the Falcons may have overlooked the Colts before the upset victory; however, Matt Ryan and company are coming off a bye week and have the Rams victory fresh in their minds.

Reggie Bush actually had a 100 yard rushing game, his second ever. Remember when he was drafted, and everybody thought he was going to be the second coming of Gayle Sayers? He’s not. He, much like Tears, is playing the wrong position. He is a wide receiver that can run the ball, sometimes, much like Percy Harvin in Minnesota and Dexter McCluster in Kansas City.

Speaking of Minnesota, how terrible is Donovan McNabb? I must admit I did not see that coming. I thought for sure he was going to have bounce back year; instead it looks like he will be bounced out of the league after this year. I look forward to seeing his commentary and analysis next year on whatever network snatches him up. He has personality and a sense a humor. I hope he ends up on the NFL network.

Of course the big game of the week is LSU’s trip to Bama. I have no idea who is going to win. I picked Bama simply because it’s in Tuscaloosa, but I would not be surprised if the game is decided in overtime or by less than a touchdown. Both teams are evenly matched, with great defenses and offenses that don’t turn over the ball. It will be a good physical match up with a great deal of ice baths afterward.

Staying in the SEC, I can not ignore the talk about the three UGA running backs testing positive for the “wacky tobaccy” and the timing of the information coming out. The conspiracy theorist of the world, and F.U.F. fans are convinced that Richt and the Bulldogs knew the guys failed the tests before the game in Jacksonville and played them anyway. While I have no idea when they knew, I find it funny that F.U.F. fans are incredulous when Chris “Time to Die (Puppy’s Mother)” is still on the roster.

I admit that it looks suspicious; however, we don’t know if UGA knew about the drug tests before the F.U.F. game, and the guys are suspended for the New Mexico State game. Hopefully they will learn from this mistake. Maybe if they got paid or were able to do endorse deals, like the coaches who don’t make tackles or score touchdowns, then they might be more inclined to keep their noses and lungs clean; but that’s a soapbox for another day.

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