U.S. May Face Constitutional Crisis, Zoller Warns

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“We could be in the middle of a Constitutional crisis or at the beginning of a Constitutional crisis”

Conservative Radio Talk Show Host and Ninth District Candidate Martha Zoller showed a sense of urgency last week while addressing the Gilmer County GOP group.

“We could be in the middle of a Constitutional crisis or at the beginning of a Constitutional crisis,”

Zoller told Gilmer Republicans last week. Her comments emphasized the urgency of the situation. Zoller’s warning was in response to the president’s comments toward the Supreme Court last week, in the wake if the Court hearing oral arguments in lawsuits brought against the Federal Government regarding the unconstitionality of the Patient Protection and Affordable Health Care Act, also known as Obamacare.

Last week, President Obama warned the Supreme Court about overturning his health care law,

“judicial activism”


“questioned how an ‘unelected group of people’ could overturn a law approved by Congress,”

as Foxnews.com reported. The crisis, here, could not only be a misunderstanding of how the Constitution functions, but the president’s lack of respect for the document and his inability to uphold it. Additionally, the crisis could be the administration’s attempt to shift public perception of the Constitution, attempting to convince Americans our founding document can be changed at a whim and that our law of the land lacks significance.

Continuing, Zoller said if President Obama wanted to pass a bi-partisan healthcare reform bill he could have passed a bill that included children, pre-existing conditions, and adults up to 26 on their parents’ health insurance, although Zoller said she doesn’t agree with the latter. She stressed these three items would have passed with strong bi-partisan approval, saying these three items is what she would push for. Previously, Zoller noted numerous congressmen who are also physicians who were never consulted in the drafting of the president’s healthcare bill. Ergo, she said,

“It’s not about health care,”

for Obama,

“it’s about control.”

She also addressed the perennial topic of term limits for Supreme Court Judges.

“What’s happening today is why we have life-time appointments in judges; it is to keep over-zealous Executive Branch or Congressional Branch, Legislative Branch from overstepping their bounds,”

she said.

State Representative and Ninth District Challenger Doug Collins also weighed in on the topic.

“Judicial review has long been one of our country’s core principles,”

Collins wrote in a statement last week, adding,

“I strongly believe our Founding Fathers got it right when they created a system of checks and balances, but clearly President Obama believes otherwise. The justices have now heard arguments from both sides, and we will wait to hear their decision in June.”

Commenting on the president’s words, Clifton McDuffie, also running in the Ninth District, said he

“wasn’t surprised,”

at the president’s comments and that

“we have to let the Supreme Court do its job and wait the results.”

In a recent conversation with FYN, McDuffie said in speaking with people on the campaign trail, he found that people are more concerned with the economy, escalating gas prices and high unemployment rates than healthcare, although, the candidate did not mention whether or not they realized the connection between repealing ObamaCare and our Nation’s economic recovery.

Although Jackson County Commission Chairman and Ninth District Candidate Hunter Bicknell, has not responded to FYN’s request for a response to the president’s Supreme Court comments, the candidate seems to be focusing on job creation, corroborating McDuffie’s statement regarding the concerns of citizens. In an April 5th announcement, Bicknell reported that baby and young apparel marketer Carter Inc. will come to Braselton and set up a new multichannel distribution center. Carter is expected to invest $50 million in the facility and create over 600 Georgia jobs by 2015.

The most recent Ninth District Candidate, Roger Fitzpatrick, could not be reached for comment on the Supreme Court issue.

As of the writing of this article, the Supreme Court has heard all oral arguments and will render a decision in June on whether the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is Constitutional or not. In the meantime, the economy holds its breath, waiting to hear a decision on whether or not healthcare cost will further sink it into deeper waters.

Watch Martha Zoller Speak at Gilmer GOP

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