32nd Annual Georgia Marble Festival Makes Music

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The 32nd Annual Georgia Marble Festival made sound waves this past weekend on Saturday, October 6th and Sunday, October 7th.The annual festival took place at Lee Newton Park and celebrated Georgia’s prized marble by featuring a Georgia Marble Festival parade, business expos, food vendors, and even a special children’s area complete with rides and games.

Other highlights from the festival included concerts from the band Whitepath and the 2012 International Bluegrass Music Association winner for the Instrumental Recorded Performance of the Year, the Lonesome River Band.

The festival, home of the Georgia State Bluegrass Championship, as well as being dedicated to the site of the world’s largest Rock Quarry, also hosted five competitions in Bluegrass, including a fiddle, flat-picking guitar, mandolin, banjo, and band competition.

For the band, Flatline, it was their second time winning the Georgia State Bluegrass Competition, and members from the group include Brett Cantrell, Kyle Davis, Adam McFarland, and Brad Kaylor.

The annual festival dedicated to Georgia’s smooth stone is held each year, and it is always a friendly event for anyone interesting in the history of Georgia’s marble.

For pictures and music from the festival, please view the highlight video below:

MF Highlight Video from Fetch on Vimeo.

Marble Festival Race Movie from Fetch on Vimeo.

Marble Festival Parade Movie from Fetch on Vimeo.

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