Jack Fussell Runs Across America

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From Savannah towards Monterey, California 63 year old Jack Fussell is running across America to bring awareness to Alzheimer’s disease one step at a time.Jack Fossell has always been a goal setter. Around 2010 Jack had finished his latest set of goals and found himself depressed. He began praying and thinking of new goals.

And that is when it hit him at 9:00 one night. His new goal was to run across America. He was asked what he was running for and Jack quickly stated he was running for Alzheimer’s. Jack knows about Alzheimer’s disease because he has lost his father and 6 brothers to the disease.

Jack’s original goal was to run to Monterey, California in six months. As he began to run people asked Jack to stop by local nursing homes and other groups to share his journey. While at these centers he meets the caretakers of Alzheimer’s patients and thanks them for their love and care that they each have for their patients. He also speaks to recently diagnosed Alzheimer’s patients as they share their fears of what their future holds for them and their families. Jack also visits advanced Alzheimer’s patients. Often he listens to the caretaker tell stories of these patients for the patients themselves do not have the milestone memories of their lives before Alzheimer’s set in.

After several of these visits Jack believes that it may take up to nine months to reach California. But that is alright because it really doesn’t matter how long it may take.

To learn more about Jack and to keep up to date with his progress of running across America visit www.Across The Land. You can also make a donation to Jack’s goal of raising $250,000 for Alzheimer’s research at www.Across The Land.

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