Update: Lawnmower Accident Involving Child Airlifted

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7.16.2013 – Pickens County Sheriff Office’s Public Information Officer Kris Stancil gave FYN an update on the accident:The father was mowing the lawn as his 22 month old son sat in his lap. The mower came up unexpectedly onto a steep area and the mower flipped. The father covered the child as the mower flipped to shield him from possible injury. Not knowing the depth of any injuries, the child was airlifted to Egleston Pediatric Hospital. FYN is happy to report that the young boy’s injury of a bruised lung is non life-threatening and was kept over night for observation. The father took the brunt of the accident without any major injuries.

FYN has learned that a 22 month old boy has been run over by a lawnmower in Pickens County. It appears the boy is being airlifted from the parking lot of a nearby church to Egleston Pediatric Hospital in Atlanta. A family member is present with the boy.

FYN will update as information is available.

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