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It has been a long summer. I took the family to Disney World, of course it was in the middle of a hurricane, but hey what are you going to do? I saw a bunch of movies, by the way, “Two Guns” is awesome. It’s a great flick; Marky Mark and Denzel are great as “two guys working in the same vacinty” plus Spoiler Alert: I see you Paula, been wanting to see since “Idlewild;” also, “Elysium” was a pretty good; a little long, and a bit predictable, but plenty of action. I also got to introduce my children to their great-grandfather, who is suffering from kidney failure so may not be around for their high school graduations. (Looks sideways as office “Bountyfull Bubba Fets” fan who was skeptical of grandaddy’s ailments, shakes head, wags finger).Okay, now that I made sure that I can write off all those receipts by writing about my experiences for work, it’s now on like popcorn at T.O.’s bankruptcy hearing; (yes I did) because it’s football season in North Georgia, ladies and gentleman.

While I know that scrimmages are just kicking off and the actual games don’t kick off until next week; however, pads have been popping harder than Turbo and Ozone, kids ask your parents, parents ask your black friend/co-worker, or just google “Breaking” or “Breaking 2: Electric Boogaloo.”

While my young Padawan, Jordan Hill, has decided to rile Rebel land, gab about Gilmer, and perk up Pickens in his high school football preview, I choose to A) sidestep picking games of the teams I cover as to avoid a late night disappearance after a game (Nancy Grace will not cry on TV for me), and B) focus my Fetch Football Friday thoughts on my own personal fanhood as the 2013 season comes to fruition.

First and foremost I have to say I WANT BRIAN BANKS TO MAKE THE FALCONS. There I said it; how can I not root for guy who has been through everything that’s he’s been through. For those who may not be familiar, here’s a brief synopsis.

Banks was a highly recruited linebacker out of high school, who signed scholarship to play for USC, Trojans, not “No Game Suckers,” before a false rape accusation landed him in prison for five years and on probation and a registered sex offender for another five years.

Banks accuser, feeling remorseful, reached out to Banks via Facebook. Banks set up a meeting where he recorded his accuser admitting her deceit, she later sued the school they both attended for a large sum of money which she admitted was the motive behind the plot her and her mother came up with, that bears repeating, THAT HER MOTHER AND HER CAME UP WITH!!!

Banks, now exonerated, had a brief try out last summer with Seattle (head coach Pete Carroll recruited him to USC) before playing some semi pro ball, and is now trying to make the Atlanta Falcons.

I can’t help but root for the guy, but I don’t think he is going to make it. The competition at linebacker is fierce, and it may be the deepest position on the team, other than running back. Fellow rookie Paul Warrilow has got some kind of vampairy (vampire/fairy) magic going on. His blood is definitely true.

While I, along with many others in the “Rise Up” nation, (shout out to the random Falcons fan I saw at Downtown Disney, which in case you were wondering is “Atlantic Station” with Disney written on it, that I yelled “Go Falcons” at, which he responded “Rise Up”), have been wondering about the offensive play of the offensive line, and porousness of the defense since the first preseason game, the Falcons flashed some furor against the Ravens and may have pushed the pause button on all the naysayers. Yeah right.

I can say I’m cautiously optimistic that Steven Jackson will be a phenomenal addition, as will be Richard Seymour. I refuse to believe that Seymour will not be in a Falcons uniform this year. Cut Pariah Jerry (yes I know that’s not his name, but the name fits) and Nicholas, and that should leave plenty of money for Seymour and injuries.

That being said, I think that the young guys on our defense will surprise some people, much like I expect in Athens. Much has been made of the “Dawgs’” defense and the youth that will be called on to replace all the pro talent from last year’s team.

I for one think that the “Dawgs’” defense last year was still a bunch of square pegs in round holes, as defensive coordinator, Todd Grantham, was still plugging 4-3 guys into a 3-4 scheme. This is Grantham’s third year at UGA so the guys on defense are all the guys he recruited; therefore, I expect them to be much better than most people do. I feel much the same at Auburn where Gus Malzahn will be asked to coach guys he recruited two years ago. The “War Eagle Tiger Plainsmen Tree Huggers” may be the surprise team in the SEC, mark my words.

Georgia Tech has got recruit some defensive players. Much has been made of Paul Johnson’s offense, with many detractors calling it a “high school” offensive. The problem is the offense scores plenty of points, the defense has been historically horrible.

If Johnson wants to stay at Tech he’s going to have recruit top notch defensive players, or stop being so prickly. That’s it end of story.

Lastly, not to make light of murder, and racism, but I have been laughing heartedly at F.U.F. all summer. I felt like Rick James, “It’s a celebration…” well you know the rest!

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