Man charged with probation violation, resisting arrest and possession of moonshine

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What began as a welfare check on a child quickly changed direction upon deputies’ arrival at 227 Twin Mountain Lake Circle, Talking Rock, last night. Robert Davis, 33, was taken into custody after a struggle and charged with felony probation violation, resisting arrest and possession of untaxed alcohol.Deanna Hendley of Morganton reported to the Pickens County Sheriff’s Office that her child was allegedly being abused by his father, Robert Davis. The scope of allegations wasn’t clear in the report. Hendley further reported that Davis was intoxicated and a felon in possession of firearms.

Upon arrival officers detected the scent of alcohol on Davis as well as several empty beer containers. As he was on probation and tested .121, he was placed in custody at that time. Davis had previously signed a waiver of his right to refuse a search of his premises and due to the allegations officers advised him of their intention to search his home. During this entire exchange Davis was belligerent despite orders to remain seated on the couch after being handcuffed.

Deputy James Gibson was with the child in the kitchen when he observed Davis pull his legs up and maneuver his handcuffs to the front. Gibson ordered him to be still as he approached but Davis began to resist and a struggle ensued. Other officers on the scene assisted in securing him and shackling his feet due to his continued resistance.

The search of the house revealed two quart jars of “moonshine” that Davis’ wife identified as such.

Davis’ original probation was for possession of methamphetamine, possession of cocaine, and felony obstruction of law enforcement officer.

The Department of Family and Children’s Services released the child into the custody of Hendley. No additional information regarding the allegations of child abuse were stated in the report nor did it state if any firearms were recovered in the process. FYN will continue to pursue additional information and report it as it becomes available.

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