Organized Crime


An opinion by George McClellan:What is one to expect from a political party that believes it is right and proper to be able to legally kill your own baby and support those who want to kill theirs, at tax payer expense? One can be sure that any group so morally depraved, as is the modern Democrat Party, would also have no qualms about cheating, lying or stealing. The list of sins attributable to the new Democrat/Progressive Party is nearly endless, almost unstoppable and now, openly exists by the high level of apathy of the American voter. Apathy is the fruit of a loss of trust.

Obama displays all the scientific traits of a committed narcissist. The Democrat Party displays all the scientific traits of committed sociopaths, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi leading the pack. They have lied, cheated and stolen (voter fraud) to stay in power. They will stop at nothing to achieve their goals. They live by the rule: “the end always justifies the means” and justify their continued failures by the adage: ”but, we meant well”.

Within the life time of nearly all of us criminal gangs, from the prohibition era to the present, i.e.: The Chicago political machine, the Mafia, Bloods and Crips, drug cartels and the Democrat Party, have infected us one way or another and have sucked wealth and decency out of our very lives. In the movies from the 1940’s, and now, they were called ‘gangsters’. They liked being gangsters. They liked murdering people. Democrats are addicted to the sleaziness of organized crime and, by their actions, are dragging our country into sloth, laziness, ignorance and fear all resulting in our diminished capacity to achieve to our highest abilities as individuals for our families or our nation. The result: penury and poverty for all.

The Democrat Party’s lust to stay in power has not only drawn America’s financial institutions into the webs of fraud, theft and deceit, but the worlds other leading financial institutions as well, not to mention our Grand Old Party, now in the clumsy hands of Big Government operators like Karl Rove, Mitch McConnell, John Boehner, lobbyists and lawyers.

There is a rising feeling of disquiet rippling just beneath the surface of the voters understanding, like the small swarm of earthquakes now being felt in Oklahoma, at once alarming, but not yet solidified in the conscious form as an imminent danger. But, tensions are rising and clearly, the earthquake swarm we instinctively feel is a panoply of complete total lies we constantly hear falling from the lips of Obama, Reid,, that, when exposed to the antiseptic cleansing of pure sunlight, shockingly, is still not believed. When that belief does solidify then all trust in government will be lost and that organism, to stay alive and in power, must resort to a becoming a police state. We see it already with EPA, USDA, BLM and FEMA et. al., all now having created regulatory enforcement arms specifically designed to compel individual compliance with regulations that those agencies made up to justify their existence as well as to advance the odious schemes of centralized government control.

Our public educational institutions are now becoming mere government propaganda machines and coupled with the connivance of fellow-travelers imbedded in the body of the MSM, are directly responsible for the sad state of education our children now receive and the confusing false data that passes for news heard on a daily basis from that media.

Once faith is lost then trust goes with it. Those two tenants of moral living are the hand maidens of a strong and united people. The lies, deceit, cheating and fraud by the proponents of big government has sorely tested our faith, if, indeed it hasn’t already destroyed it. At the moment our salvation lies in electing the right people, those uninfected with the disease of ‘elitism’, and removing those who are. The alternative is too awful to contemplate but cannot be dismissed. Be prepared but remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em! (7 April 2014)

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