The Emperor Has No Clue?


Opinion by George McClellan:Picture in your minds-eye the comical scene once described by Vladimir Putin about our feckless, dear leader. Putin said “dealing with Obama is like playing chess with a pigeon. He struts around the board knocking over all the pieces and acts like he won”.

The Bowe Bergdahl incident, for all this administrations strutting, has been another public relations disaster. But it also represents the most signal event of Obama’s entire five plus year administration. It is indeed, the first incident in all of Obama’s presidency about which he cannot say he didn’t know about it until he saw it on FOX News. To expand the pigeon metaphor, it also represents Obama’s first publicly acknowledged acceptance of a foreign policy disaster decision for which he, and he alone, must claim sole responsibility. Bush didn’t do it!

After Obama’s apparent calamitous middle-east foreign policy debacle with Egypt, the Benghazi murders in Libya, his humiliating ‘red line’ rescue by Russia’s Putin over Syria’s chemicals, and his Ukrainian missteps leaving that once European oriented country vulnerable to being snatched back into the Russian sphere, we see a once proud American government floundering about in the swill of its own ineptness, desperately seeking something positive that could demonstrate to the press, before he loses them, that Obama has even a smidgen of leadership.

The science is settled. Obama is demonstrably a narcissist. I think that he truly pictured himself as garlanded with praise, wreathed in peals of public adoration while being paraded through the gates of Rome on the shoulders of his admiring soldiers, to be gifted, in the end, his rightful title as “Emperor”. But alas, the emperor has no clue! Or does he?

Oh, how far has the mighty fallen? He certainly did not anticipate the immediate level of shock and disgust that followed his brave announcement. He clearly did not foresee the level of approbation and criticism that he is getting instead. The poor sot finally saw an opportunity to look decisive and presidential and the useful idiots that he surrounds himself with, concurred. He knows he lost the Cadets at West Point last week; his quick trip to visit troops in Afghanistan was maudlin and he also realized our allies no longer trust him and so, as the Bowe Bergdahl opportunity presented itself he desperately saw a chance to fulfill a double need, the emptying of Guantanamo and the recapture, hopefully, the hearts and minds of the military. He grabbed for the brass ring and he missed. The emperor has no clue! Or does he?

We long suspected that Obama lacks any leadership skills. Again and again he has demonstrated poor judgement, bad choices and a shameless squandering of the public’s money. He has shown to the Congress his extended middle finger and they take it. What is he good at? He revels in his own self-preservation, a skill for which he has a highly developed sense for survival. He revels in his blackness, which is wearing very thin, even for the blacks I know and he revels in his oratory, firm in the belief that he can, through the persuasive power of his brilliance, bring us all to agreement with his Marxist/socialist point of view.

Obama is a Machiavellian character right out of George Orwell. If we lose these next elections, the march of the Left will continue and our history will be rewritten by them. Obama will be enshrined as the worlds greatest leader, the Republicans cast as wicked “counter-revolutionaries”, the rule of law trampled to dust and all hope for the survival of mankind as something greater than serf’s and slaves, obedient subject’s of the elites, will vanish. There is still time but the sands of time are running out. The emperor does know what he is doing!

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em! (4 June 2014)

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