The Vision is Becoming Clear


Opinion by George McClellan:Multiple observers of the political scene, me included, are arriving at the inevitable conclusion that Barak Husain Obama, ineffective leader of the free world, isn’t as incompetent as he appears but is in fact precisely following his announced agenda. Our eyes have been clouded to the true Obama because the liberal press has failed in their duty to report on this person, investigate his accomplishments and failures, and reveal his still latent history.

The fact that his mother was white, which he has rejected, and his father, a black Islamic believer from Kenya, which he acknowledges, whether true or not, gives him a status away from the level of a descendent of black slaves from America’s recent past. It also, if one looks, it also removes him from any claim of being a real black American with any participation in the black American experience. Obama’s parents (both of them) and his mothers parents, were all dedicated Marxists. That much is known. The past six years have made it abundantly clear that Obama’s embrace of Marxist-Progressivism is all pervasive in the mindset of his administration.

So, what is he and what are his objectives? The only time Obama has not lied to us was when he told us his objective was to “Fundamentally Change America” and we weren’t listening. Sadly, he’s doing it, even In the face of every daily disaster America is facing in its social, economic and foreign policies!

Obama believes American’s do not need a Constitution; that individual rights to self-defense, limited government and choices of association are anathema to his goal of top down leadership. How can we, he reasons, as individual citizens, prosper as equals in a pluralistic society if not controlled (told what to do), by our betters, the political elites? Obama, except in staged photo-op circumstances, will not debate with Republicans or discuss opposing issues and possible solutions, or even work for the common good. Only Obama has the intellect to prescribe answers to problems, but only from his Progressive point of view.

The paramount issue we face, as American’s, is the loss of our personal liberties. It seems voters no longer really have the ability to influence their elected politicians and it further seems that our elected politicians no longer have an interest in preserving our liberties. The “elites” have their own vision for us, one of conforming submission. They have changed the definitions of words and expect us to agree with their definitions. If we do not, we are either publicly harassed, investigated for, or charged with, nuisance infractions to the point that in fear or frustration, we finally submit and give in, abandoning our principles and beliefs.

The Progressives will do whatever it takes to force our voluntary submission to their dictates, even if the process takes a long time of which they have plenty. Our once highly rated system of public education stands as the best example of the slow Progressive rot in an American system. To enact their schemes, the Progressives will always shout about the necessity of doing something they want done, like climate change. William Pitt told us: “Necessity is the plea for every infringement of human freedom. It is the argument for tyrants, it is the creed of slaves”…

The vision is becoming clear. Obama is not interested in America or Americanism, only in power. He embraces visions of total world power through a New World Order he hopes to lead. Forget his incompetence, it doesn’t matter. Ignore his violations of law, the law is what he say’s it is. If you have another 19 seconds, I invite you to view this YouTube video: It say’s all that needs to be said. Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now go get ‘em. (24 June 2014)

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