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Opinion by George McClellan:Have you ever wondered why, whenever a Democrat tells Republicans what’s best for them, that the Republican’s seem to fall all over themselves doing it? Chuckie Schumer does that a lot. So does Harry Reid. Donna Brazile, the DNC Vice Chair, warned the GOP that it was foolish for them to ignore the Tea Party. She’s partly right, but the GOP isn’t ignoring the Tea Party, it’s trying to destroy it. Look to Mississippi for recent evidence of same. I’m just musing!

Why is everybody so paranoid over the apparent rising clout of the Tea Party? Well, because what the establishment GOP elites have not yet grasped, is that the Tea Party is not a single organism that can be bought, but an idea formulated by the clear vision of Ronald Reagan that took root so many years ago. American’s understand that America is a Constitutional Republic, not a socialist wannabe Banana State of moochers and leachers; and that the Tea Party types do not want to see the new democrat party (Progressives) take us there, apparently with the aid of the establishment Republicans. The GOP elites still believe they can retain their hard won perks of elitism, cronyism and go along to get along philosophy of capitulation, if they can but just rid themselves of those pesky Tea Party types. Clearly, Donna Brazile understands that and, for whatever her reasons for saying so, she has stumbled upon the truth. I’m just musing!

Does anyone wonder why the sudden convergence of thousands of young illegal latinos to America’s border with Mexico occurred just at “World Cup” time? Could this not signal an important part of Obama’s Progressive plan to fundamentally change America? Consider first, all that’s going on in American sports right now. NFL football is under attack by Progressives, including the idiot Harry Reid, for offending Indians. Baseball will soon be under attack too for such silly politically correct notions as their Indian mascot brand names. Added to that is sports Injuries, i.e.: concussions, etc, which is simply more ammunition for Progressive arguments to fundamentally change America’s greatest games and thus, ultimately, America’s culture. What is to replace it? Why, it’s the old circus spectacle ploy once used by failing Roman emperors, to keep the masses happy and entertained while they starved: It’s soccer of course. Just musing!

If the mind numbing pursuit of professional soccer, boring as it is, were to actually take hold and become America’s favorite sport, it would be fortified by the thousands of soccer loving latino youths now pouring into America. Then, the transformation of America from the prosperous, economic powerhouse it is and, make no mistake, built on Western Culture, will quickly descend to the level of the tormented, squalid, crime infested societies of third world toilets such as seen in many Latin countries like Rio, Havana, Caracas, LA, Chicago and Detroit. The splendid achievements of our advanced western society will cease and, like the Cubans of the past sixty years, our dreary free time will be spent rooting for our favorite soccer teams. Just musing!

Ever wonder why the media refers to captured Islamic volunteer jihadist’s, from America, as American’s when they’re really not? They are not Americans, they’re bloody terrorists and, being from here and living here does not make them American’s. You gotta be born here, or naturalized, to be an American. If those that go over there to fight as jihadist’s, and speak arabic, then they’re terrorists. If they are born here, and go there to fight America’s, then they are traitors. It offends me for the media to call them Americans. I’m getting sick and tired of pussy-footing around with these damn terrorist loving Democrats too. But, I’m Just musing!

Do you ever wonder why the media refuses to even report on Obama’s crimes? I don’t know either. I muse on it though, a lot! Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now go get ‘em! (27 June 2014)


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