David Perdue Ignores Michelle Nunn’s Attacks

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Georgia Senate candidates David Perdue and Michelle Nunn met for the first time on stage yesterday at the annual Georgia Chamber congressional lunch.
If anyone thought Michelle Nunn is a weak candidate she proved that is not the case. Nunn was very strong in her and Perdue’s first meeting yesterday. In her opening statement Nunn wasted no time attacking Perdue. David this, David that, David, David, David. Nunn came out swinging and never stopped. In the forty-five minute forum Nunn might have said ‘David’ twenty times.

In Perdue’s opening statement he stayed calm, cool, and focused. Perdue never responded to Nunn’s attacks. Perdue is the frontrunner. Instead of using Nunn’s name Perdue spent his time using names like Barack Obama and Harry Reid. However, Nunn tried to separate herself from the President yesterday when she explained a picture of her and Obama was not totally accurate. Perdue proved in the primary that no matter how many times his opponent attacks him, he stays focused on his message.

On the question of health care Nunn showed her support for Obama care. Nunn admitted it had problems but said she wanted to fix the problems in the affordable care act. She said she didn’t want to go backward. Perdue said Obama Care is unfixable. Perdue recommends to replace Obama Care with Tom Price’s bill HR2300.

On the question of Immigration Nunn clearly went for U.S. Chamber of Commerce support. Nunn said the U.S. Chamber has been a part of a compromise plan for immigration. Nunn went on to say that even Florida Senator Marco Rubio supported a compromised plan on immigration. Perdue said the Chamber’s plan implies amnesty. “Follow the law of the land.” Perdue said we must secure the border and that this is a national security issue.

Nunn was well prepared for the question on national defense. Her father is retired U.S. Senator Sam Nunn. Sam Nunn was the chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee. Nunn said that during the time her dad was in office not one base in Georgia was closed. Nunn attacked Republicans for the government shut down and stressed Perdue’s support for the shut down. She highlighted what sequestration cost Georgia.

Nunn continued her attacks on Perdue in her closing statement. In Perdue’s closing statement he said he was the clear outsider. Perdue is staying with his primary strategy, outsider, national debt is the greatest threat to our national security, Barack Obama, Harry Reid and if you want the same results vote for my opponent.

I feel Nunn came out on top in this debate. She came across strong and set the tone of the day. Nunn showed yesterday that she is ready for this race. She has money to campaign, she has the Democrat machine behind her and even the support of former Governor Zell Miller.

Perdue looks like a statesman when he takes the stage with his opponents. He does not lose his focus during the debate. Recent polls show that Barack Obama and Harry Reid are not very popular in Georgia. If Perdue continues to show Michelle Nunn’s connections with Obama and Reid that may be all he needs.

Never discount a candidate with money and Nunn’s campaign has the money to fight

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