Knights Help Blairsville Women’s Center

Non Profit

Knights of Columbus Trustee Oren Compton of the Jasper council presented a $1,500 check to Charles Cattanach this month for his work with the Women’s Enrichment Center in Blairsville. Each year, the Knights of Columbus holds a statewide raffle, donating the proceeds to charities through out Georgia. Three winners are selected per year. The Women’s Enrichment Center was selected this year due to Mr. Carranach’s work. Cattanach, a Knights of Columbus member in Jasper associated with Our Lady of the Mountains Catholic Church, travels to various pregnancy centers in the region, offering free sonograms and counseling pregnant women on the merits of keeping their children full term. “It’s a blessing,” he said, saying that it’s hard to raise money and that the Knights have been very supportive of his work. “I’m very happy and thankful to the Knights,” he said. Over a hundred years old, the Knights of Columbus is a Catholic charity organization that donates millions of dollars to pro-life causes and provisions for the needy.

The money will help Cattanach defray travel expenses and equipment needs in his travels throughout north Georgia.

The Women’s Enrichment Center provides pregnancy testing, ultra-sounds and volunteer counseling, seeking to provide alternative to abortions.

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