Daily Prayer: 11/25/2014


“…All that will live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution.” II Timothy 3:12Our Father, sometimes we worry whether or not we as Christians can give up the things of the world. Cause us to realize that if we become the kind of Christian you want us to be the world will give us up. In so doing, we shall lose nothing, but gain everything. We confess our sins of timidity to you. We have been timid and spineless when we should have stood for our convictions. We have compromised in the little things and they have nibbled away at us until we are weak. Give us courage to live as soldiers of Christ rather than as mere adherents to some good philosophy. Help us to be brave in the battle and not retreat when the going gets rough.

Mould this person who reads this prayer into a good soldier of Jesus Christ who can withstand the persecution that comes.


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