Pickens Republican Party County Convention & Agenda Announcement


Saturday, March 14th, the Republican Party County Convention will be held at Chattahoochee Technical College. We will hold our election of board members and, more importantly, our delegates to both upcoming congressional district and state conventions. Door open at 8 am and we hope to have our activities concluded by noon.

To be an active participant one needs to be a registered voter and a current member of the county party organization. Organization registration may be accomplished at the door before the meeting. Individuals are organized into precincts to elect their representatives and delegates.

This is an individual’s opportunity to participate in and influence local, grass-roots political action. All qualified citizens are encouraged to attend and participate. Further information is available at our website, http://pickensgop.org/ We look forward to your participation.


10 AM—Chattahoochee Tech
• 10am Chairman Teb Bowman call Meeting to Order; review Agenda
• Invocation
• Pledge of Allegiance
• Presentation of the Georgia Republican Party Call
• Recognize VIPs, elected officials and dignitaries
• Credentials Chair report on the number of and seat Delegates to the Convention. Seat Alternates if necessary
• Convention Official Business begins; approve the Agenda
• Elect Convention Chair & Convention Secretary; Parliamentarian appointed
• Convention Chair will announce Convention Committees: Credentials, Nominating, Sergeant-at-Arms, Rules
• Announcement for nominations to Executive Committee and District/State Delegates and Alternates to designated location to allow report finalization; Convention recess
• Reconvene Convention for committee reports and elections
• Committees present their reports
i. Rules Committee—County Chairman report
ii. Nominating Committee—report on candidates for Executive Committee and District/State Delegates and Alternatives
• Call for any additional nominations from the floor for any position
• Convention votes for delegates and alternatives and for Executive Committee members
• Convention votes on county party rules
• Adjourn the Convention

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