Missing Person Found: Teresa Ann Payne

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Per the Pickens County Sheriff’s Department:
Teresa Ann Payne went missing yesterday in the area of Willow Rd on the west end of Pickens County. Her friends and family have not been able to make contact with her since.Pickens County Sheriff’s Office has updated us with great news. Ms. Payne was found in the woods. Although she was dehydrated no major problems were noted. The Sheriff’s Office thanked everyone for their efforts.

Teresa Ann Payne, age 49 of Pickens County went missing in the early morning on Sunday, May 10th. Ms Payne as last seen leaving her resident around 2:30 am. She left the area walking. The initial report was filed on Sunday afternoon and she was entered into the missing person database (GCIC) immediately as a missing person.

Due to her continued failure to return home, The Pickens Sheriff’s Office worked with the Pickens County Fire and EMS Departments to conduct a thorough search of the heavily wooded area. An area command post had been established off of Willow Road in Pickens County.

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