BOC Approves Fundings and Appointments

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The BOC met June 18 to make final decisions on changes to fundings.During the first minutes, the Commissioners recognized 911 Dispatcher Tammy Lynn Burrell who has worked for 10 years with the county. The official recognition included public recognition at the meeting along with her certificate and 10-year pin.

After the public recognition section, the Board publicly appointed Commissioner Becky Denney to the Pickens County Library Board of Trustees after the resignation of Marcia Jasperse who has fulfilled the maximum two consecutive terms as in ineligible for another, and Edward Wood, a software company CEO and owner of a plane based at the Pickens County Airport, to the Airport Authority for four years after the resignation of Clyde Ellison resigned. When asked about this appointment, Mr. Wood replied,

“Rather than stand by and be an observer with an opinion, I’d get involved and try to help direct, guide, a further the efforts of the airport.”

Also approved in the meeting was an increase in the Bailiff’s pay from $55 to $70 per day. This does come out of the Sheriff’s budget. However, discussion has arisen about increasing the Sheriff’s budget by the amount of Bailiff’s increase.

Lastly, the Commissioners have accepted the Americorps State Grant Proposal for a 4-H Assistance. The Commissioners have managed to approve this without a budget amendment, meaning they have found available funds should they need. However, the County and the involved parties are still looking for community donations to ease or eradicate the financial responsibilities amounting to $5,700 for the 3 year proposed program.

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