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Two items drew most of the time in a quick work session on July 2 at the Pickens BoC.The first item considered by the Commissioners was an update to the current Alcoholic Beverages Ordinances. Considering the State has evolved this over the years, Pickens County has been adding to it piecemeal as needed. This update is said to streamline the process and pull it together to become a whole and connected Ordinance with the “tacked-on” additions incorporated into it.

They also considered a provision in the ordinance to allow a Special Use Permit for one day events for businesses or events that would not need a permanent license, but rather a single party, celebration, wine tasting, or outdoor event to be held once. This would also allow these events to be given conditions to be held on a case-by-case basis.

The other item on the Agenda followed the recent County Dump Truck which ignited after becoming involved in a non-lethal accident. The insurance company has agreed to pay close to $32,000 according to the Board of Commissioners. The Board then presented three replacement vehicles including:

A used 2006 International 7600 with 214,000 miles, a rebuilt engine, and an insulated bed for $65,000,
A used Mack Granite CV713 without the needed insulated bed for $99,950,
A new Mack Truck from the Gainesville Truck Center for $140,000-$150,000.

Chairman Robert Jones also commented the Board would be replacing trucks in about 2 years. However, since the insurance is paying the $32,000 to replace the burnt truck, they could take it to put towards a used truck or they could refinance and go for a new truck. However, Chairman Jones did mention he felt the used would be a better option for now.

Before the meeting was adjourned, Commissioner Becky Denney mentioned a possible change to the County’s Travel Expenses Policy to change from a Reimbursement Policy to a Per Diem Policy and to increase it to the state equivalent of $36 per day total. A couple of changes with Per Diem would decrease paperwork for the county and make things simpler for the traveling employees who would no longer have to fill out reimbursement paperwork, but would rather put in for the Per Diem before they leave. The amount would decrease if certain meals were offered by the attended event or such things.

In theory, a Per Diem also allows a certain flexibility to the employees who could, if possible, eat a cheaper breakfast to spend a little more on dinner or vice-versa.

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