Confederate Flag Flies in Georgia – Heritage Not Hate

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(Photo credit Brenda Cantrell)
Heritage Not Hate on the 4th of July

Heritage not hate seemed to be the common theme today among several groups celebrating the 4th of July.There was a confederate flag being carried by a black man in the Pickens County Georgia Parade and that was the message emblazoned across it, “Heritage Not Hate.” FYN did not have an opportunity to speak with the man as he passed by however we are told from others in the parade his name was Jay. We are attempting to reach him now so we can ask him why he chose to carry that symbol today.

Several other gatherings today saw many come out waving their Confederate Flag. If you have seen any news I am sure you realize there are several battles raging about the subject. It seems even a poll on CNN comes back with the consensus that most see it as a symbol of heritage-not racism. As debates rage in South Carolina and other places it seems many Americans have decided to take the stand that it is indeed Heritage of the south and it is their right to display the flag.

There were numerous vehicles in North Georgia today displaying the Confederate Flag, from a Fannin County parade, a peaceful gathering at the Walmart parking lot in Gilmer and in the Gilmer County Parade, and in Pickens, with a black man carrying the message, in the Pickens County 4th of July parade.

Vehicles driving in the Gilmer County 4th of July parade, displaying the Confederate Flag, were heard yelling, “We love you!” and “Heritage not hate!” Sons of the Confederate played a large part in the Gilmer County 4th of July Parade today.

The trending message today from many areas in North Georgia and other areas seem to send a message that a large number of people simply believe the Confederate Flag represents heritage and nothing more. Maybe people just decided to exercise their “rights” after all it is Independence Day! Happy 4th of July!

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