• #BKP Has A Live Call-In With Ethan Underwood

    #BKP is joined by 9th congressional district candidate Ethan Underwood to discuss the 9th district. Underwood is focused on unifying the country. He discusses his views on George Floyd, Budget, and rioting. He touches on the Multi-tier justice system and says we need to work together to make america better and get back to stability. […]

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  • Another Tactic to Get Rid of Trump

    Written By George McClellan So, Democrat presidential hopeful, Joe Biden has decide what side he wants to support in Americas riotous crisis of Capitalism vs. Socialism unfolding on our streets. Joe’s campaign team is expending their campaign funds to bail out Anarchists arrested during Minneapolis’s nights of mayhem, rioting, looting and burning. Make no mistake, […]

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  • #BKP Has A Live Call-In With Kevin Tanner

    This Morning, #BKP is joined by 9th congressional district candidate Kevin Tanner! Tanner discusses his thoughts on Club For Growth endorsing candidates. He also touches on his track record for just being effective. Tanner also touches on Important issues such as Covid-19, Budget Cuts, and the protests around the country.  

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  • #BKP Has A Live Call-In With John Wilkinson

    #BKP is joined this morning with 9th congressional district candidate John Wilkinson to discuss the 9th district. Wilkinson is a what you see is what you get candidate. He discusses spending, agriculture, and the poultry business. He also touches on the protests, riots, and campaigning during Covid-19.

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  • #BKP Has A Call-In With Janelle King!

    This morning #BKP has Janelle King on the show to discuss Kelly Loeffler and the protests going on everywhere in our country. King discusses what she saw looking around Atlanta this weekend including a pile of bricks and rocks. #BKP and Janelle discuss the issue of cultural differences and race. They also touch on what […]

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  • Will Tyranny Become Our New Normal?

    Written By George McClellan No greater reason in the world could possible exist to force the immediate removal of weak Progressives (Democrats) from government leadership, at all levels, than what we are now witnessing on the streets of our once great”Shining City’s on the Hill,”Americas promise. Madison observed that the epitome of tyranny is the […]

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  • Pickens Report – April

    The coordinated response to the COVID-19 pandemic remains at the forefront of Pickens County Government’s mission. The county government under the direction of the Board of Commissioners continues to work hand in hand with local, state, and health officials. The situation in our county has been aided by citizens following the advice of public health […]

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  • The Weekly Word

    Country music artist Tim McGraw recorded a song, Live Like You Were Dying. That’s thought provoking. To live like that would change the character of  most people. In 1896, Christian author Charles Sheldon wrote a novel, In His Steps, where we find the first use of WWJD? (What Would Jesus Do?). The answer is found […]

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  • Senior Living: Barton Returns!

    cameron hall

    With the return of Jessi Barton and our Senior Living segment, we catch up with our Senior Concierge on all things Cameron Hall and how they are handling the shutdown and return to normal Senior Life. Jessi also speaks on the admissions still going on during this outbreak.  

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  • Ask the Doc! Changing the goalposts and what to believe

    ask the doc

    Special Host Rick speaks with Dr. William Whaley about the CDC, Masks, and what goals we’re still trying to reach to reopen and reconnect amid the virus. Should we be wearing them? Will there be a vaccine? What about the surfaces? The doctors answers viral questions about what you should know and prepare with for […]

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  • Do Lies Shape Our Future?

    Written by George McClellan There is an issue in the news again that simply won’t go away. It’s the FBI’s supposed need to muck about the contents of someone’s encrypted cell phone device even when the phones manufacture, in most cases Apple, refuses to aide by providing the secret “key” to entry. Apple claims their […]

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  • Is There Really A “New Normal”?

    Written by Goerge McClellan Don’t bet on it! The Left is trying to convenience us that the sudden lifestyle changes we are now experiencing is the “New Normal.” Why? Because its pure Socialism and the Democrats see it as an opportunity, while we’re in confused quarantine, to impose their Socialism. We see the “New Normal” […]

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