• Pickens County September Board of Education Meeting

    BOE Meeting

    JASPER, Ga – The Pickens County Board of Education had its monthly meeting on Thursday September 8th. The meeting was business as usual as attendees opened up with a prayer  and the pledge of allegiance. Firstly, Dr. Ron Newcomb, the president of Chattahoochee Technical College, highlighted the success of the college’s collaboration with Pickens County […]

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  • Bus Drivers’ DUI Arrests Prompt Action from Board of Education

    Bus drivers Jeffrey Tucker and Tammy Decerbo

    PICKENS COUNTY, Ga – Jeffrey Tucker and Tammy Decerbo, the the two bus drivers arrested and charged with DUI, will now face disciplinary action from the Pickens County Board of Education (BOE). On Tuesday August 24th, the Pickens County BOE released a statement, detailing the county’s response to their DUI arrests. Georgia State Patrol arrested […]

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  • Second Pickens County Bus Driver Arrested for DUI

    JASPER, Ga – Pickens County bus driver, Tammy Decerbo, 43, was arrested on Monday and charged with DUI. This is the second Pickens County school bus driver arrested within 72 hours. According to Pickens County Sheriff’s deputies, Decerbo was observed driving erratically on the road. They performed a traffic stop when she almost drove her […]

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  • Pickens County Bus Driver Arrested and Charged With DUI

    JASPER, Ga – On the afternoon of Friday, August 19th a Pickens County School District bus had an accident. This was a single vehicle accident, and none of the students needed medical accidents. There were no injuries either. Afterwards, the Georgia State Patrol arrested Jeffrey Tucker, the bus driver, and initially charged him with DUI, failure to maintain […]

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  • Board Of Commissioners August Work Session

    JASPER, Ga– The Pickens County Board of Commissioners (BOC) had their monthly work session on Thursday, August 4th at 4:30 pm. The members of the BOC are: Kris Stancil (Commission Chairman), Josh Tippens (Commission Post 1- West), and Josh Tatum (Commission Post 2- East). Work sessions are shorter than regular meetings, but they allow participants […]

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  • Board Of Commissioners August Meeting

    The BOC during their August 4 meeting

    JASPER, Ga – The Pickens County Board of Commissioners (BOC) had a meeting on Tuesday August 4th at 5:30 pm, right after their work session. During the meeting, department heads recognized outstanding employees. Additionally, the agenda included the review of old business, a discussion of new business, and a few action items. The meeting kicked […]

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  • USPS To Temporarily Raise Prices For Peak Holiday Season

    GEORGIA, US– The United States Postal Service (USPS) intends to temporarily increase their prices for the 2022 holiday season. On Wednesday August 10th, the USPS filed a notice with the Postal Regulatory Commission (PRC) regarding a temporary price increase for the holiday season. This price increase is something USPS has done in the past  to […]

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  • Pickens County Welcomes First All Girl Flag Football Team

    The First Girl Flag Football Team

    PICKENS COUNTY, Ga. – The Pickens County Recreation Department has successfully organized the first all girl flag football team in the county. For many years, cheerleading and soccer were the only two sports available for elementary and middle school aged girls in the fall. Brian Z Jones, the Director of the Pickens County Recreation Department […]

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  • Monkeypox Cases Continue to Rise in Georgia

    The Monkeypox Virus

    GEORGIA, US – Monkeypox cases in Georgia continue to rise as the number of reported cases went up from 544 to 596 in a week. Monkeypox is a virus that is related to the smallpox virus, but not chicken pox. According to the CDC, scientists first discovered the disease in 1958 in lab monkeys. And […]

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  • Josh Tippens sworn in as West End District One Commissioner

    Josh Tippens is being sworn in as West End District One Commissioner

    PICKENS COUNTY, Ga. – On Thursday July 21, Josh Tippens became the sworn in West End Commissioner in Pickens County. Commissioner Tippens has deep roots in Pickens county, and this is the basis for his pride, drive and passion. He emphasized that he considers himself a “community minded servant leader who loves his family.” As […]

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  • Model Train is One Step Closer to Arriving Tate Depot

    Bill Gibson's Model Train

    PICKENS COUNTY, Ga. – The Model Train that Bill and Susan Gibson decided to donate in 2021 is one step closer to coming home to Tate Depot. At the time of the initial offer to donate Mr. Gibson’s model train, Tate Depot was empty and not suitable to properly house it. Valerie Bates is directing […]

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  • Board Recognizes Camp Cool of the Wild

    PICKENS COUNTY, Ga. – The Pickens County Board of Education recognized the “Camp Cool of the Wild” (CCOW) summer camp program. Janet Goodman, Director of Federal Programs, highlighted the best moments of CCOW. The program started as an means to keep 300 1st- 9th grade students engaged and learning while enjoying their summer vacation. According […]

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