Lindsey Announces Candidacy for 2012 Election

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On January 20th, David W. Lindsey, City Attorney for Ellijay, GA, announced his intention to run for election for the position of Pickens County Probate Judge in the July 31st 2012 Primary. Lindsey’s opponent in the 2012 Primary will be Nancy Cochran Maddox, who announced her candidacy on January 19th, and that she will be appearing on the Republican Primary Ballot. According to Gail Brown, Pickens County Superior Court Clerk, Lindsey has not yet announced whether he will run on the Democratic Primary Ballot or the Republican Primary Ballot. At an Ellijay city council meeting on January 23, FYN had an opportunity to ask Lindsey about why he announced his intention to run and what distinguishes him from the other candidate.

“I have a lot of experience in probate court, and the current judge is retiring [Rodney Gibson], and he has done a wonderful job over his years, and I wanted to see the great work that he has done continued, and I felt like I would be the person that could do that,”

When asked what kind of experience it is that he has Lindsey told FYN,

“I have been practicing law since 1996, and I would say on a daily basis I have dealt with issues that are handled in probate court, and a lot people don’t know exactly what probate court handles, but just in general they handle wills and probate of estates and guardianships. I would say hardly a day goes by that I am not drafting a will or advising someone on an estate or an estate conflict or something like that.”

FYN then told Lindsey that Nancy Cochran Maddox had announced her candidacy for the position and asked him what it is that distinguishes him from her,

“Nancy practices in Ellijay, I have the utmost respect for Nancy, she is a great attorney, but I feel like I have a greater amount of experience that I can bring to the job than she does.

Lindsey graduated from Pickens High in 1989, and in 1993 earned an English degree from the University of Georgia. In 1996 he graduated from the University of Georgia Law School, and returned to Jasper and served two years as law clerk in the Appalachian Judicial Circuit under Judge Brenda S. Weaver and Judge Bobby C. Milam. From 1998-2010 Lindsey practiced law in Jasper primary focused on real estate, wills and probate, civil litigation, municipal law, family law, and criminal law. Since 1999, he has served as the Ellijay city attorney, and is currently the public defender for the city of Jasper. In 2010 he joined the firm of Thomas, Meier & King in Canton, GA, and in 2012 announced his intention to run for the election of Pickens County Probate Judge.

FYN will bring you a comment from Nancy Cochran Maddox as soon as possible.

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