Gun Interest Thrives in the Wake of Obama Reelection

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For the past four years, President Barack Obama has been relatively quiet on gun control. But, to citizens who cherish their Second Amendment Right to bear arms the silence is only the quiet before the storm. (more…)

Charter Confusion: A Few Final Comments

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On Tuesday’s ballot, voters will be asked to approve an amendment to the state constitution granting the state authority to approve charter schools otherwise denied by local boards of education. (more…)

Olens, Bondi Team-up at RNC

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“We did everything in our power to stop it, taking the fight all the way to the United States Supreme Court.”


Run Off In DA Race

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The district attorney race for the Appalachian Circuit ended in a run-off Tuesday night between Incumbent Joe Hendricks and B. Alison Sosebee; Harry Doss was eliminated from the contest. (more…)

Run-Off in Ninth District

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The ninth district congressional race ended last night in a run-off between Rep Doug Collins (Gainesville) and Martha Zoller, while Roger Fitzpatrick was eliminated from the contest. (more…)

DA, Judge Candidates Turn up Heat in McCaysville

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In one of the more hotly contested elections of the season, the district attorney race flared up again in McCaysville last Saturday. (more…)

District Attorney Race, Interview with Harry Doss

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You think it’s going to be a hot summer, check out the Appalachian Judicial Circuit District Attorney Race. Video interview. Candidate for District Attorney Harry Doss. (more…)

Collins and Zoller Race to Pick up Bicknell’s Endorsements

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In the wake of Ninth District Candidate Hunter Bicknell’s announcement today to suspend his campaign, Candidates Rep. Doug Collins and Martha Zoller race to pick up Bicknell’s endorsements. (more…)

Tax Increase to Support New Government, Jones Says

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Commissioner Robert Jones said he expects a tax increase to support the new government structure come January. (more…)

GRTL Clears up Collins-Zoller Endorsement Battle

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For the past several weeks, Ninth District Candidates Rep Doug Collins and Martha Zoller have fought intensely for the pro-life vote. (more…)

Graves Pays Visit to Mike’s Ellijay Restaurant

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As part of his District Work Week, current Ninth District Representative Tom Graves (R) paid a visit to Mike’s Ellijay restaurant on Monday. (more…)

Message To The Candidates


Welcome candidates! (more…)

FYN 2012 Election Kick-Off

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FYN is excited to kick-off our coverage of the 2012 Election season! (more…)

FYN REPORTS: Interview With Candidate Allen Wigington

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FYN Reports has begun coverage for the upcoming 2012 Election season. (more…)

Gingrich Visits Cherokee, Gains Local Support

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“Newt has more power, that he can debate Obama better than Rick Santorum”


Lindsey Announces Candidacy for 2012 Election

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