Bond “Bourne” Again: Falling Over for “SkyFall”

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I know this is review is later the last person to jump off Rex Ryan’s bandwagon, but I digress. I’ve been busy running FYN sports and placating three whining babies at home. Holidays are stressful for family men believe me; however enough excuses, time to review “Skyfall.”First off I thought it was awesomely action packed and generally extremely entertaining. The nerd crew was less impressed, but the members of the group did think it was pretty good.

Without giving too much away, this is the Bond movie that bridges the others. Many of the characters that Bond’s fans have grown to love and associate with the Bond movies, are either introduced or reintroduced in this version.

This Bond movie is everything that “The Bourne Legacy” wasn’t. The whole movie seems like it is just one big fight scene, at times. Much like the Matt Damon “Bourne” movies, it is full of over the top action and chase scenes.

Of course there is the usual Bond saving the world from some kooky bad guy. SPOILER ALERT, there is absolutely no situation that James Bond can find himself in that he does not have a snappy quip for. Apparently there is a not a first time for everything, (inside joke literally).

There’s also some back story glimpses into the boy that became James Bond, but not enough to turn the movie from Bond flick to an undercover bonding flick like Jerry McGuire. Remember how disappointed you were to find out that was chick flick, after seeing Cuba Gooding’s end zone flip about 1,000 times in the commercials?

One problem I did have was with the tremendous lack of gadgets. I mean there are like almost none in the entire movie, in fact they make reference to how “an exploding pen” is out of date. NO IT’S NOT! Not in a Bond movie anyway; however, SPOILER ALERT an old friend does make a cameo.

Bottom line, if you like Bond, you’ll like “Skyfall.” If you don’t, then why are you even reading this?

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