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This Fetch Football Friday is a rough one, after my beloved Falcons lost to the Jets ON MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL, that’s like, losing to the Jets on Monday night football, AT HOME (there’s just no other comparison). With the Braves loss and the Dream getting swept in the WNBA Finals, it has not been a good week to be a fan of ATL team, but hey Matt Bryant did give me the four points I need for the Hootie Hoo Nation to edge out a victory, so there’s that.I have to admit that my Dirty Birds are limping into the bye week worse than Julio Jones in a walking boot right now, but I still have hope, Tyrion sized hope, but hope nonetheless. I just hope that getting Steven Jackson back after the bye week will help cover some of the offensive offensive line play, and that our rookies and young guys on defense learn on the fly. At least we’re not Jacksonville.

Speaking of home town team, Tech please don’t BYU run a marathon on the field like they did last year, I believe they had 1,000 rushing yards in that game, and UGA, is there a defense anywhere near Athens? Were the “Dawgs” distracted by UT’s super smooth uniforms? Maybe, but I think it was more to do with players going down like careers after a Karadashian date.

Remember when Bruce Jenner was Bruce Jenner, awesome dude, and not Mr. Kardashian? Remember when Lamar Odom was a smooth big man that could guard four positions and handle the ball? Remember when Miles Austin was good? Me neither.

I think that UGA should be okay against, Mizzou, yes the Tigers is undefeated but I can’t name one team beaten by Mizzou this year without looking it up, so I think that “old man football” rules again in Athens.

I’d like to give a good prediction for Tech, but I’m wary, with the thorough thrashing the Jackets took from BYU at home last year, combined with the duds since the UNC game, I can’t truly pick Tech to win, but that’s the games Tech usually wins.

Um Louisville, are you going to play ANYBODY this year? The Cardinals don’t play a single ranked team all year. How is that even possible? I haven’t seen a cake walk like this ridiculous since cupcake day at the preschool. Teachers should make more money, and day care workers should be automatically nominated for sainthood, just saying.

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