Jasper New Year’s Party: HUGE SUCCESS

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In the words of David Bowie and Mick Jagger there’ll be dancing – dancing in the streets. So there was last night in downtown Jasper as Pickens County gathered together to celebrate the passing of 2013 into the newly minted 2014.A large crowd of people flooded Main Street to shake their tail feathers and welcome the New Year with the first annual Party Local New Year’s Eve Celebration.

There were vendors selling party favors, food and a free photo booth.

There was music, giveaways and contests.

There were people dancing, hugging and ringing in 2014 with whoops and laughter.

There wasn’t much resistance to being caught up in the infectious joy of everyone in downtown Jasper last night.

Revelers from infants to seniors were entertained by scavenger hunts, hula hoop contests and various other activities throughout the night. It seemed though that mostly people enjoyed gathering with their community and connecting, sharing their hopes for the future.

The event was well-planned and executed with great success, especially considering it was the first time a New Year’s Eve party of this magnitude has been thrown in Jasper. Utility Development Planner Lonnie Waters said,

“I just feel it was a success to be the first event like this one and it could not have been without all the people in our community that stepped up to help.”

He cited local businesses and individuals who contributed, from the production of the New Year’s ball, donation of a crane and trucks for set-up, televisions

“and the greatest group of city workers any community could ask for.”

The Pickens County Chamber of Commerce along with the City of Jasper hosted the event.

Slideshow of Party Local:

Video of ball drop and fireworks:

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