Jasper approvese $7.7 million for water treatment expansion

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jasper approves loan for water treatmentThe Jasper City Council approved an $7.725 for water treatment expansion. The money, a combination of a loan and grant is with the Department of Agriculture at Tuesday’s called meeting.

The loan for $4.748 million, and the grant for $2.977 million will fund the upgrades to the water plant. Interest on the loan will be 1.375-percent. The city’s monthly payment will be $12,868.

Chris Poje said the interest rate was incredible.

“I haven’t seen it that low in 30 years,” he said.

The city will have to borrow the money from an interim lender, such as a local bank. The USDA will reimburse the interim lender.

To learn more about the City of Jasper Water and Sanitation, visit here.

He said the money would pay for expanding water services in Jasper to meet current and future needs. Included among the plans are doubling the capacity to 1.6 million gallons from 800,000 gallons.

The structures were laid out conceptionally about 40 years ago, said Poje. Another part of the project will include moving the discharge water from a tributary of Pole Cat Creek to Long Swamp Creek. This will take care of a couple of issues, said Poje.

“Pole Cat Creek is a trout stream, and will eventually require permits and a certain temperature for water to be discharged into it,” he said. This would end up costing the city more money. Long Swamp Creek is not a trout stream, which would eliminate those future fees.

Because Long Swamp Creek is where water is currently drawn from, there are limits in place, by placing the discharge down stream of the collection, that will keep the creek levels consistent.

To read about Jasper’s recycling plant, read FYN’s story here.

“I know that’s not related to waste water, but it is related to drinking water. You are limited to how much you can take out from the creek,” said Poje.

Other projects include adding another aeration base and two more clarifiers, doubling the filters. There will also be $15,000 alloted for the purchase of land.

“We already had provisions in place for the filters and a pump station and second sludge holding tank,” said Poje. “That’s about as far as $8-million will take you these days.”



Jasper City Council uses Zoom for monthly meeting

City Council

The Jasper City Council met via the Zoom platform for the regularly scheduled meeting Monday night.

Mayor Sonny Lawrence said this was a unique time for the city.

jasper city council

The Jasper City Council held their monthly meeting via Zoom Monday night to keep city business moving during the shelter in place declaration.

“This is a new time for the city and we have to work together in new and unusual ways. This meeting is one of those ways,” he said.

Councilman Sonny Proctor said he has attended conference calls with Piedmont Mountainside Hospital, the Pickens County Health Department, Sheriff, county officials, and Good Samaritan Clinic.

“I’m very proud of our attempt to get people to shelter in place. Our (COVID-19) numbers have stayed low.

The council continues to plan for the future, once the state of emergency has ended.

The council approved purchasing playground equipment for the city park to the tune of $50,000. The money was already set aside, according to Brandon Douglas. The original playground equipment was removed on March 6, a week before President Donald Trump’s Declaration of National Emergency.

“There’s not alot we can do right now,” said Anne Sneve, “but we need to continue to move forward.”

Mayor Pro-Tem John Foust agreed. “It’s important to our residents and children. I feel it has to be done.

The council also approved a work order with Clark Patterson and Lee for review and propose modifications to the zoning ordinances not to exceed $35,000 and to amend the 2020 budget accordingly.

Proctor said this was part of the city’s reorganization that has been on-going.

“If people have a zoning ordinance, it can cost up to $100,000 to do any kind of modification,” said Brandon Douglas, city manager.

The city council approved the following items:

  • Ordinance No. 2020-08 for requesting to rezone Parcel No. 031 003.002 at 1874 Hobson Road from C-2 to R-1.
  • Ordinance No 2020-13 for request to rezone Parcel No. 041 062at Hwy 53 West from C-2 to R-3.
  • Ordinance No. 2020-09 & Ordinance No. 2020-10 for requesting to rezone and annex Parcel No. JA02038 at 1343 Talking Rock Road from R-R in the County to C-2.
  • Ordinance No. 2020-11 for City of Jasper Zoning Ordinance amendment/Zoning Mapapproval
  • Alcohol application for Folksy Ventures LLC dba Waldmet Cellars at 916 Old Philadelphia Road
  • Alcohol application for Texas Grill, LLC; 660 West Church Street.
  • A lease purchase agreement between City of Jasper and Bill and Connie Roland at 315 Liberty Lane.
  • A lease purchase agreement between City of Jasper and Bill and Connie Roland subject to lender’s approval.
  • Ordinance No. 2020-12 Special Land Use Permit (SLUP) for Parcel No. 030D 096 153 at 858 Old Philadelphia Road, Unit#102.
  • Expending up to $20,000 of 2014 SPLOST proceeds for the asphalting of the public parking area and associated concrete work for sidewalk and curbline at 125 North Main
  • Using$25,000 of 2020 budgeted proceeds for Match Point to begin survey work for leak detection throughout the water system and use of water fund balance for 2020 for associated work by Match Point for zoned meters throughout the water
  • Purchasing body armor for the Jasper Police Department and amending the 2020 Budget for $15,170.
  • Authorizing staff to assign surplus status to the items listed in staff report and to begin preparation of an auction to be held by the City at a to be determined location, date and
  • Extending the Professional Services Agreement with Interim Director of Finance, Sharron Burtz, in accordance with Section 2 for three 30-day renewals for a term ending July 7, 2020.
  • An organizational chart for the City of Jasper.
  • Employment agreements and associated job descriptions for David Hall, Lonnie Waters, Adam Howard, Greg Lovell, Steve Roper and authorize Mayor to execute prepared
  • Creating an account for SPLOST 2020 with Community Bank of Pickens County and to authorize the requisite signers of Mayor Lawrence, Mayor Pro-Tem Looney, City Manager Brandon Douglas, and Chief Steve Roper.
  • Creating an account for Sanitation at United Community Bank and to remove said sanitation account from Community Bank of Pickens County and to authorize the requisite signers of Mayor Lawrence, Mayor Pro-Tem Looney, City Manager Brandon Douglas, and Chief Steve Roper.
  • Purchases of requisite chemicals for water plant and water pollution control plant in the amount of $26,361.96.
  • The water department to begin dredging and maintaining Long Swamp Creek at the requisite distance from the water intake with $15,000 to mitigate any additional costs.
  • Replacing the panel box for wet well at the Water Pollution Control Plant for $6,150.
  • Purchasing requisite hardware to accommodate the upgrade from ETC to City Hall for fiber optics and associated technology costs.

The city council tabled several items:

  • Request to hold car shows on Main Street.
  • Consideration and approval of Ordinance No. 2020-07 for requesting to rezone Parcel No. JA11023 at 26 Hickory Street from R-1 to R-3 .










Jasper suspends dining-in, to-go only, starting Friday

Community, Press Release

The city of Jasper is suspending dining-in, requiring all restaurants to transition to carry out/drive through only beginning Friday, March 27. The ban on dining-in will last until Monday, April 27.

jasper suspends dining-in

According to a post on their website, “Beginning Friday, March 27, 2020 at 12:00 p.m. restaurants and establishments serving food and/or drinks within the City of Jasper will be restricted to carry-out/drive through service only. Restaurants with current alcohol licenses will be permitted to include an upopened alcoholic beverage with to go orders. Effective until April 27, 2020.”

Jasper voted on the restrictions at a special called meeting last week. They have also restricted public access to their facilities until further notice. Employees can come to work if they are not sick or showing signs of sickness. The City Municipal Court is postponed until further notice, possibly April 3.

As of 7 p.m. Monday, Pickens had three confirmed cases of COVID-19, up from two at noon, according to the Georgia Department of Health. Georgia has 800 total with 26 confirmed deaths.

Steve Lawrence, Mayor, posted on the website “During this time of uncertainty, please be aware that the leaders of this community are discussing matters of public health and safety daily and in some instances multiple times throughout the day and night. Your safety and wellbeing are of utmost concern. As such, I would like to remind all of us to adhere to the standards placed by our National and State leaders in regards to “social distancing” and taking necessary precautions of mitigating and eliminating exposure to COVID-19.”

Pickens County Schools are going to “hard lock-outs” starting Wednesday. Details here.

Town Hall Meeting – Wednesday September 26th

Announcements, News





The Jasper City Council does hereby announce that it is considering changes to the garbage service.  This could affect city customers in that rates may increase, back door pick-up may no longer be available (or would be an additional cost to the customer), as well as daily garbage pick-up may no longer be offered.  A TOWN HALL MEETING is being held on Wednesday, September 26, at 6:00 P.M. at Jasper City Hall in order to hear citizen’s concerns and comments.  All citizens are invited to attend.

Agenda for Monday’s Regular Council Meeting

Legal Notice

City of Jasper
200 Burnt Mountain Road
Jasper, Georgia 30143
Monday, July 10, 2017

I. Call meeting to order

II. Invocation

III. Pledge of Allegiance

IV. Adopt agenda

V. Read minutes of June 5, 2017 regular meeting
A. Lisa Hoyle, City Clerk

VI. Old Business
A. Alcohol license application approval
1. Sonny Underwood, Director of Planning & Zoning
B. Skid steer purchase
1. Mayor Weaver
C. Water Conservation Plan
1. David Hall, Water & Sewer Superintendent

VII. New Business
A. Pickens County Library Board appointees: Ann Roper & Bobby Edge
1. Mayor Weaver
B. Pickens Arts & Cultural Alliance art event
1. Amelia McEntyre
C. Sanitation truck purchase
1. Mayor Weaver

VIII. Mayor’s Report
A. Economic Development Report
1. Gerry Nechvatal
B. Finance Report
1. Lisa Hoyle
C. Animal Control Report
1. Lonnie Waters
D. Police Report
1. Chief Greg Lovell
E. Fire Report
1. Chief Steve Roper

IX. Adjourn

Dr. Sonny Proctor writes an open letter to the City of Jasper Voters


Dear City of Jasper Voters:

First and foremost I would like to say “Thank you!” for the outpouring of support I have received since qualifying to run for Jasper City Council. It is very humbling to know how many trusting friends I have developed here since moving to Jasper in 1995 that know I will do the right thing.

What a great place Jasper has been to live, work and raise my family. It is my hope to use my past experiences to improve our already wonderful quality of life. I have heard from city workers, business owners, retirees, educators, and many, many former patients whom know what I stand for. Thanks!

We are already fortunate to live in an area where the quality of life is unsurpassable, and we need to keep it that way. But at the same time we have challenges facing us that will make the difference in our future, and in our children’s ability to someday thrive here. While appreciating all of our achievements, like world class healthcare and business corridor growth, it is time for us to closely assess our current situation as it pertains to our resources and infrastructure, and plan accordingly. It is also time to decide what kind of community we want to be, identify the type and amount of future growth we want and our resources can support, and plan and act to achieve those goals. The business world calls that a strategic plan, which should be an involved process requiring input from a lot of stakeholders, including the citizens! Call it a look forward if you wish!

While doing this, we also need to preserve our history, both downtown and in the county, as there is far little of it left. Having so much available land makes one wonder when historic buildings are displaced by large and small retail alike; like when our last one room school house is replaced with a one room storage building. This goes far beyond the most recent plan to destroy a historic Cherokee structure for what I believe is our fifth Dollar General Store.  Our little historic crossroads town can be a bustling area if we make the right choices and commitments!

My plan in office is to assess the current state of our dear city, help to develop a plan for the future and through hard work, moral values, integrity, honesty and transparency, help get us there. I need your vote! In exchange, I pledge access and a voice to make things the way we want and need them here in Jasper and Pickens County. The future is bright!

If you have any questions for me, believe it or not, I am on Facebook,  Facebook ~ Sonny Proctor, M.D. and I’ll do my best to get back to you!

Sonny Proctor, M.D.

Jasper City Council Meeting June 6, 2016


Jasper City Council Regular Meeting Announcement and Agenda

Legal Notice


State Awards City of Jasper Funding for Critical Facilities Generator Project


Georgia Emergency Management Agency/Homeland Security (GEMA/HS), on behalf of Governor Nathan Deal, recently awarded a $361,231 Hazard Mitigation Grant Program (HMGP) project to City of Jasper for the purchase and installation of four fixed generators and one portable generator.
“The generators will allow these critical facilities the capabilities to serve the public during severe weather events and natural disasters” said GEMA/HS Director Jim Butterworth.

The amount awarded includes a federal share of $270,923. The remainder will come from a state share of $36,123 and a local share of $54,185. These funds are part of the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s HMGP, which provides funds to state agencies and local governments for projects that reduce or eliminate the long-term risk to human life and property from the effects of natural hazards by breaking the repetitive cycle of destruction and reconstruction. These funds were made possible as a result of City of Jasper’s participation and adoption of the Pickens County Multi-Jurisdictional Hazard Mitigation Plan.

GEMA/HS is the lead state agency for coordination of emergency and disaster response activities. For information on preparing for a disaster and creating a custom kit and plan, visit www.ready.ga.gov or download the freeReady Georgia app.


Chamber Breakfast touts Port Royal as THE place to be

Featured Stories, News

More than 400 guests filed into the Pickens Chamber breakfast yesterday morning to hear what investors and project managers had to say about the proposed water park that seems to be moving towards reality. With a ground-breaking tentatively planned for October and a completion date of Thanksgiving 2016, the resort is moving forward. (more…)

Animal control ordinance reiterated with appearance of bears


At last night’s Jasper City Council meeting, Lonnie Waters said now that spring has arrived the bear sightings in town have begun again. With the bears being attracted to the city’s streets and neighborhoods already, a reminder of the new ordinances adopted earlier this year is timely.

Improving Pickens County, One Penny at a Time

Featured Stories, News, Politics

With the May 20 primary looming on the horizon, one area that doesn’t require a weighing of platforms and beliefs is the SPLOST (Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax). While phase one of the SPLOST closes, tax payers have the option to continue the tax into the second phase which will encompass many areas in the county that are in desperate need of attention. (more…)

Jasper feels heat from second lawsuit

Featured Stories, News

In line with their assertions, the Appalachian Villas Property Owners’ Association (POA) has filed a second lawsuit over the same area formerly contested by Randy Eaton last fall. The adjoining properties have become an on-going issue for the city for allegedly failing to honor obligations regarding grading and storm drainage. The POA is seeking $205,439.66. (more…)

Courthouse Cost Sees Lower Figures, All Parties Set To Receive Funds

Featured Stories, News

With the final numbers tallied on the Pickens County Courthouse construction, County Commissioner Rob Jones was confident the bond will be paid soon and with the final budget coming in under what was set aside, a windfall seems to be set for all who participated in the first S.P.L.O.S.T. collection. (more…)

EPD Clean-Up Will Be Required After Jasper Burn

Featured Stories, News

The training fire set by Jasper Fire Department January 14 at 160 Birch Street that was flagged as illegal by the Georgia Environmental Protection Division has been found to be contaminated. The structure was given to the city for fire training uses and put to that use but an anonymous call to the EPD and FYN found that burn was against EPD regulations. (more…)

Was Jasper Duped? Was Weaver’s Contract Legal?

Featured Stories, News

At the last city council meeting Jasper Mayor John Weaver threw the word entitlement around in reference to the sense people get when they’re employed by the city. But is that the pot calling the kettle black? At the most recent city council meeting February 3, Weaver insisted that the council approve a contract with Fleetmatics for a GPS system to monitor city vehicle usage. (more…)

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