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The Pickens County candidates who are seeking election/re-election were invited to a political forum last night at Chattahoochee Tech in Jasper by the Tea Party. Candidates for the school board and the board of commissioners all took part in the question/answer session followed by an audience question segment.The participants from the school board arena are all current board members who aren’t facing opposition at this time. The current members seeking re-election are Board Chair Wendy Lowe, Byron Long and Dr. Dan Fincher. All three fielded questions regarding common core, school nutrition, funding, prayer and their objectives should they be granted another term.

District 1 Commissioner seat is being sought by incumbent Jerry Barnes and Bart Connelly, who were also both present. They also answered questions about their objectives, county budget woes, homeland security policies, EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) regulations, job creation and GPS possibilities for county vehicles.

While the atmosphere was informal and the mood kept light with jokes interspersed, several pertinent topics were covered and introspective points of view were revealed. Please see the debate for yourselves and decide if these candidates are who you would choose to carry Pickens County into the next phase of the future.

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