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In an effort to bring you all the information on the candidates up for seats in Tuesday’s primaries, FYN has compiled a list of stories, videos and pictures from the races beginnings to now. Please take the time to educate yourself about who is running in your district before voting Tuesday. (more…)

School Board Responds to Questions

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Pickens County seems to have gone viral after the creation of the website The controversial website appears to channel the voices of dissent over the school systems alleged problems into an anonymous forum. FYN has been hearing rumors of intimidation, ethics violations and fund misuse for months with no solid leads. (more…)

School Board Meeting: May 8

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The Pickens County School Board met May 8. With updates on attendance, finances, the Code of Conduct changes proposed and the Ombudsman agreement on the agenda, several other areas took the spotlight. (more…)

Pickens County Candidate Political Forum

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The Pickens County candidates who are seeking election/re-election were invited to a political forum last night at Chattahoochee Tech in Jasper by the Tea Party. Candidates for the school board and the board of commissioners all took part in the question/answer session followed by an audience question segment. (more…)

SACS gives Pickens Schools Stellar Review

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SACS (Southern Association of Colleges and Schools) Lead Evaluator Mike Griffith said,

“It’s obvious you worked very hard”

when giving his overall assessment of the Pickens County School District’s efforts prior to the SACS team’s entrance into the equation. (more…)

BOE makes yearly appointments and awards contract to Perry

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The Pickens County Board of Education met last week and, as would be expected, had their yearly nominations as well as extending a contract to Superintendent Lula Perry. (more…)

School Board reviews policies; Up for public perusal

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More than 35 policies were recently reviewed and revised by the Pickens County Board of Education in an ongoing attempt to keep the district abreast of current issues and to strategically improve schools. The policy review was an objective the board set for themselves during a recent self-assessment. (more…)

BOE gives several awards, faces scrutiny

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The Pickens County Board of Education held its monthly meeting Thursday night and recognized persons integral to the success of the school system in several areas, from students to teachers. (more…)

Pickens School Board Adopts Tentative Budget

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The Pickens County School Board met August 8 and adopted a tentative budget for 2014. Due to various factors including rising health costs and lower revenue income, a tight budget meant cuts. (more…)

School System Sees Slow Revenue

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Written by Tony Capri

The Pickens County Board of Education grappled with more financial concerns last night, as it met for its March meeting. (more…)

Andrews and Cowart Take Seats on New School Board, Lowe and Long Re-elected

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Newly elected School Board Members Peggy Andrews and Mike Cowart took their seats as part of the Pickens County Board of Education last night. (more…)

Wrong Assessment Causes County Tax Hike, BOE Increases Millage

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Property Owners will soon get hit with two new tax increases. (more…)

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