Letter from Nelson Councilman Jackie Jarrett


Letter submitted by Nelson Councilman Jackie JarrettDear Editor

I’ve heard and read some of the ravening [sic] from the ex-council woman from Nelson. She was never elected to the council seat she held, and lost the election after her profile appeared in the paper about her shopping spree. And as well as her letter to the editor putting everyone down in the City of Nelson. Did not help her re-election. The rummors [sic] that the City Clerk was forced out is not true. The Mayor and council wanted her to stay, her choice to leave was her’s alone. Stopping the ex-council woman at the council meeting was all about a policy that she voted herself. No name calling no attacking anyone. She was also disrupting the meeting by making [sic] noises. Just to let every one know a City Clerk has been put in place. The Mayor and City Council are doing a fine job. Please forgive the sick and misguided woman, pray for her as she is in need of help.

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