Your guide to Tuesday’s primary


In an effort to bring you all the information on the candidates up for seats in Tuesday’s primaries, FYN has compiled a list of stories, videos and pictures from the races beginnings to now. Please take the time to educate yourself about who is running in your district before voting Tuesday.All candidates who qualified:

All qualifying candidates

Articles covering state races:

Tea Party candidate fair

Jack Kingston in Jasper

State race candidates come to forum

Jasperse and Hendrix participate in forum

Articles covering local forums:

February forum

Second forum

Articles covering SPLOST referendum:

SPLOST failure may raise taxes

Improvement one penny at a time

County Commissioner Post 1:

February local forum

Second local forum

Who is Bart Connelly?

Who is Jerry Barnes?

Articles covering school board seats:

February local forum

Second local forum

Who is Dan Fincher?

Who is Daniel Bell?

Who is Delane Lewis?

Who is Wendy Lowe?

Articles covering allegations by

Dirty politics or change on the horizon?

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