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Opinion By George McClellan:This Cantor business just won’t seem to go away. The media is in a tizzy over it. Previously, I mentioned that Cantor’s loss was at his own hands because his opponent ran on conservative principles while he ran on Wall Street principles. Case in point, the Import – Export Exchange Bank and Cantor’s association in making it happen for Boeing Aircraft Co. Good for Boeing, certainly; good for some of America, possibly, but by so doing Cantor cast himself in a role that made him look like an accomplice to lawlessness, greed and selfishness. Examples abound of this hypocrisy: Why, for example, is the government going after a professional golfer, Michelson, over alleged penny-ante insider trading when former NJ Governor Jon Corzine stole $1.6 Billion dollars of other peoples money and is all but forgiven because he forgot where he put it?

Cantor, in clarifying earlier comments on immigration spoke of “modifying” the comprehensive immigration plan. What the heck does that mean? That’s the language of politics: lies, deception and propaganda repeated over and over again. Why would we believe Cantor on America’s need for comprehensive immigration reform when our borders are suddenly being choked by thousands of Latino juveniles coming here for the free ride Obama promised them? These children have no value to America except as potential socialist voters and current budget busters.

I’ll wager that even Cantor’s replacement, Kevin McCarthy, just like Cantor, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Chuckie Schumer and John Boehner, will hold us American voters in complete contempt. We know Obama does when he blames us for his troubles because “we cling to our bibles and our guns”. That idea has even morphed into classifying most of us as potential home grown terrorists unworthy of enjoying our constitutional protections but suitable to suffer the IRS set loose upon us, like the Gestapo, determined to stamp out all enemies of the state.

Too, I see Cantor’s fall as inevitable because for many, the first casualty of becoming a politician is loss of one’s integrity. Integrity means keeping your word and not lying about it. When one’s integrity is lost it is replaced by something else. That something else is a snobbish aloofness, arrogance and contempt. One’s integrity is recognized and applauded by all. Snobbish arrogance, especially by a politician, is as easily recognized by even the most casual observer, and that generates its own growing contempt like was manifest in the Va. -7 Primary election.

Cantor’s loss is a bitter blow to the GOP elites in leadership. McCarthy, or whoever gets Cantor’s job as majority leader will, like Cantor, be unable to be a good representative for his district or even hold a committee chairman’s job. I think a retired conservative congressman could be hired for that job, one with no impediments like lobbying interests, Wall Street connections or international banking investments to influence him. Perhaps Ron Paul would do!

What is the cause of this notion by so many politicians to abandon their integrity, desert their constituents and grow wealthy in the process? Clearly, it must be the power to tax; the unbridled authority to unashamedly and legally, steal the wealth of working citizens all under the guise of the governments need to do good. The sad truth is, us poor schmucks out here aren’t, or haven’t been, smart enough to see the danger or do much about it if we had, so annually, like sheep, we stand around every April waiting to be sheared. What a splendid opportunity to refocus on the real problem here, eliminating the odious mishmash of a tax code. Changing it to a sales tax or something similar, would be a big step to returning integrity to our political process. So would a few arrests, trials, convictions and firing squads. Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em! (15 June 2014)

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