The Unraveling


Opinion By George McClellan:Americas long suffering universities, whose administrative and professorial staffs are now mostly composed of the unwashed products of the revolts in the 1960‘s against decency and common sense, must survive by pleasing the “progressive” democrat party. Willingly, they do so by producing, unchallenged, garbage learned reports that satisfy the requirements the progressive politicians absolutely need to maintain the fiction that their theories of a better life under socialism should prevail. This attack has been ongoing for sixty years or more aided and abetted by the mass media. We did not heed the warnings of those few who saw it coming.

The progressives must codify (make a law) their scientific studies as the method to convince the uneducated masses that socialism really works. That is the mission of these institutionalized social scientists, to opine on just about anything and everything, with a Marxist bent. They feel safe doing so because they claim a greater understanding of issues as they are possessed of PhD’s, i.e.: they are smarter than the average bear. By so doing then their research must be correct and if correct it must be accepted. We have believed them mainly because the press has never challenged them and we were too busy growing our families and careers to do so.

But, times are changing! Thanks to Al Gore, serious doubts started creeping in with his environmental screaming’s about global warming destroying the earth for ever, rising seas, hurricanes, etc., on and on ad naseum, until even God couldn’t keep a straight face and snowed on his global warming parade, stopped the hurricanes from blowing and, to further prove him stupidly wrong, lite off a few more volcanoes around the world. Oh! The humanity!

Thanks too goes to MIT’s Jonathan Gruber, PhD, God bless him, who with his own words, has proven that the healthcare plan the progressives imposed upon us is actually nothing but a conniving, fraudulent, scheme of stealth wealth redistribution, wrapped in lies, abetted by incompetence, packaged and delivered under authority of higher office: “If you like your plan, you can keep it!, If you like your Doctor you can keep him!”

The democrat party’s unraveling, indeed the massive damage inflicted on their ability to retain their fraudulently won power, has to be an exercise in frustration. Judging by the comments now issuing from the democrat side, amnesty for illegals will hopefully become the “third rail” of Republican destruction that returns the democrats to power. I wouldn’t bet on it!

For the GOP, at the moment, all is quite and serene, or nearly so, as they haven’t taken power yet. But, as soon as the first shot is fired, I predict their battle plan, as it always has, will revert to compromise and collusion; go along to get along instead of driving a stake through the heart of the democrat dragon. I’m also afraid they will enact their own amnesty bill empowering the thousands upon thousands of illegal latino laborers to become Americans at other Americans expense. If they do that, I predict that McConnell and Boehner will ignite a firestorm they can’t put out and, the unraveling of the GOP. The two parties are birds of a feather. Who needs ‘em?

McConnell and Boehner apparently do not recognize, or choose to ignore, the awesome force that will align against them when the aroused base, now having won all but the White House, suddenly find that we are still in the hands of wicked Progressives disguised as Republicans.

The Democrats may have lost but Progressivism didn’t. It’s still out there, alive and lurking deep within the body politic. It has already infected the GOP and must be rooted out. Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, Go get ‘em. (26 Dec 2014)

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