Daily Prayer: 04/21


Mark 15:34 The Fourth Saying from the Cross: “My God, my God, why hast Thou forsaken me.”O God, you who will never forsake us, we worship you in gratitude for what you did allow Jesus to suffer for us. He felt the intense rejection that all unsaved will feel unless they turn by faith to you. He was gripped in the very jaws of hell itself that we might be set free from the sin that enslaves us. Because the sins of every human being of all time were placed on Him, you could not look upon Him in your Holiness. Help us to realize that this was for us personally.

Dear Father, our world is as dark spiritually as the darkness that draped itself over the Cross and is erupting emotionally as the earth quaked at His death. There are those lonely, rejected souls as a lost sheep way up under the cover of darkness of their sin. They feel that everyone has forsaken them. May we all understand that when we harbor sin in our lives you can not look upon us in favor. We thank you for the rent veil that opened the way to the mercy seat where we can bow before your throne and believe in Jesus accepting His atonement for our sin.


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