Daily Prayer: 07/23


“The king’s heart is a stream of water in the hand of the Lord; he turns it wherever he will. Every way of a man is right in his own eyes, but the Lord weighs the heart. To do righteousness and justice is more acceptable to the Lord than sacrifice.” Proverbs 21:1-3.

O God of Justice, your word teaches us that rulers are simply tools in your hands. They think that they are powerful, but you see them as instruments that your can play to sing your tune of justice. Kings and Presidents are in your providence to accomplish your purposes in the earth. Sometimes they are used to accomplish much good; other times they are used to discipline your people. You also use them to let evil play itself out.

Father, you can see what we really are as persons by looking at our hearts. While we feel that we are right in our actions that they are perfectly acceptable, you know when we have fooled ourselves. External piety counts for little for what matters is in the devotion of an obedient heart.

Help us today to do that which is righteous and just before you and others. Our prayer is offered in the righteous name of Jesus.


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