What is the Government Dealing With?


How to control the rising insurgency, that’s what! There is a growing sense of despair in white America. The professional politicians of both parties have driven Americas culture, political, economic and social, nearly to the point of acceptance of the unendurable political corruption rampant in our government. American’s are growing weary, beyond mere frustration, of politicians who do not do as we want, obey the Constitution.

The Democrats (CPUSA) make no bones about wanting to turn America into a utopian paradise of feel-good socialism, a happy, contented people ruled by their betters. The Republicans have pandered to the electorate, promising action and not taking it whilst offering lame excuse for not doing so.  American’s are seeing their culture being trashed by already failed Progressive philosophies that fly in the face of common sense, legality, not to mention the Constitution, and they are not contented. The America spirit is stirring. We’ll really know if Jeb Bush becomes the Republican choice for President. He’s old school and so out of touch!

That growing despair is leading to citizens arming themselves; engaging in open talk about nullification of Obama’s e.o.’s, ignoring the smothering rules and regulations of numerous federal bureaucratic agencies killing our economy; of ACLU lawyers threatening citizens for expressing their religious beliefs in public, of faceless bureaucrats creating onerous rules governing our use of water on our own property, and how, as citizens, we are treated by a growing police presence constantly meddling in our daily lives. We’re getting tired of it.

Revolution, and its hand-maiden anarchy, lurk on the horizon. The black folks have already started by burning down their towns, rioting, stealing, running rampant through shops and stores in merchandise grabbing gangs, increased armed home invasions, not to mention preying on their own kind. If black on black death statistics are anywhere near correct, apparently black lives don’t really matter. Many blacks are getting tire of it too!

The near socialist style government now being foisted on us by the Obama administration has a control problem beyond the 2nd amendment, the absolute necessity to control public opinion. That’s very hard when their leading candidate, is a liar, knowingly mishandles Top Secret classified information, and is in danger of being indicted and possibly sent to prison while the leading Republican candidate (Trump) is tearing down the thin veneer of shibboleths of political correctness and opening the discussion on all things that trouble Americans.

America is near an insurgency, If a government desires to retain its power it must ruthlessly crush that insurgency. The ground work has been laid. The National Defense Authorization Act, that our Senator Johnny Isakson voted for, allows the President and/or Director of Homeland Security to designate any group they want as potential terrorists and arrest and incarcerate those people at their whim. Remember the Bundy Ranch fiasco. It failed for government.

Part of the Govt. program is disinformation to sway public opinion such as we see with the exploding Illegal Immigrant awareness problem. If an American revolution were to start, expect the powerful elites to act viciously against insurgents, that is if they can get the local police behind them. We are all familiar with engineered crisis almost everyday, so we can expect those too. In fact, we will be flooded with crisis’s all designed to overpower our senses and our common sense. Attempts will be made to seek out and destroy the leadership. Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. More later. Now, go get ‘em! (23 August 2015).

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