A Losing Game


Opinion by George McClellan:

Were playing against a stacked deck in the game of politics and America is the worse for it. We vote people into congress hoping they will fulfill their promises and they run into a brick wall of entrenched entitlements, favoritism and self-protection they cannot penetrate unless they yield their principles and their very souls to it. In a word: Corruption.

I think I error in calling Politics a game. It’s not. It’s a deadly serious competition for one thing and one thing only, complete power. Political power, however wielded, affects us all not the least the one wielding it. Creatures like Obama and Hillary Clinton have such a burning lust for power they will ruin other countries, bribe and steal favors, collapse economies, lie, cheat and steal to obtain it or keep it once obtained . Games are mere diversions but politics, wielded in the hands of a practiced politician, is merciless, brutal and short.

Those who lust after power will do anything to rise, Obama being a prime example. As a State Senator he did nothing legislative except maneuver himself to run for US Senate and win, then quickly running for the big Kahuna, the Presidency of the US and win that too, twice.

Now comes that odious, elderly former first lady, Hillary Rotten Clinton, who, after losing to Obama, sold her soul to him so she could, as Secretary of State, freely shake down other countries for her personal gain. She is so desirous of becoming the first woman president, she will do anything to get there. Maybe she will, maybe she won’t, but short of being issued an orange prison jumpsuit, nothing in the world is going to stop her from lying and trying.

We know that bureaucracy’s are harder to clean up than pond scum because they create their own indestructible power structures, i.e.: EPA, IRS, USDA, DOEd, DoE (Energy), filled with people, mainly corruptible, incompetent ones, who also lust after power to satisfy their ever growing needs for wealth, influence and yes, more power. That’s why we’re in a losing game.

So far, over the past seven years, we’ve watched a feckless Obama abuse the power given to him by the people resulting in the degrading of America’s greatness, limiting its ability to produce wealth, eroding its ability to protect our country from enemy attacks (Islam), and provide for the safety and security of all Americans.

Obama, and Hillary, are demonstrably both immoral and unethical and, lacking morals and ethics, slowly degrade themselves as well. Obama, the “putz,” is a laughing stock of the world. He travels to Europe and tells the world that Climate Change is responsible for world terrorism, whilst people are being murdered in Paris, San Bernardino, Chattanooga and other places too numerous to mention, by the very forces of evil he alone has unleashed. His ineffectual record certainly erodes one confidence in his leadership skills.

I read somewhere that: “once the people have been objectified, it is easy to dismiss their concerns as unimportant.” That gives validity to the truth that for politicians, the ends justify the means, no matter who gets hurt. That’s why we are in a losing game. The normal game of politics won’t change it; the GOP can’t change it, indeed, the corrupt ones can violently resist any outside attempts to change it, and the new, honest politician, dies the death of a thousand cuts, jousting against the windmills of corruption, inefficiency, waste, fraud and abuse. We are in a losing game folks! We need a return of honesty and morality to our political servants otherwise we will never be the same country again.

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em! (15 Dec 2015)

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