The Era of “Reverse”


Opinion by George McClellan

Apart from adding another $1.2 trillion to America’s national debt, a sure formula for our coming economic collapse, (thanks Paul Ryan and the GOP Congress), America also faces a civil, moral, and military preparedness crisis as well as Islamic invasion crisis too. Do we have time?

Thanks to the GOP, the IRS, instead of being reigned in as we expected our Representatives and Senators to do, like they promised, have been given even more statutory authority to screw with American’s by giving them the power to seize passports. Where did that come from? Why was not even one Republican aware of this? Are there no political hero’s any more, save Ted Cruz, Mike Lee and Paul Rand?

It’s Paul Ryan’s fault for even considering presenting a 2006 page tax bill to members at the last minute and expecting a positive vote. It’s our own House of Representatives, nine in Georgia, who voted “Yea” on this travesty without even knowing what was in it. With what were they bribed? Actually, the French Philosopher Bastiat was correct when he said: “When plunder becomes a way of life for a group of men living together in society, (like our government) they create for themselves, in the course of time, legislation that authorizes it and a moral code the glorifies it!” Do we have time to reverse it?

Civilly, we now face hoards of inner city black youths, apparently free to terrorize and extort by attacking at will any shopping mall, street corner, University library or sporting event they choose. all without fear of being disciplined. They are now free to assault, steal and destroy with impunity any target they dislike. The leadership has been taken up by anarchists who manipulate the roaring crowds of negro youths into frenzied mobs of “get whitey” and all he stands for. Steal it, break it or burn it. If it stands up, knock it down. If it’s down, kick it until it stops moving. Can we reverse this?

The MSM posits Progressive propaganda that ignores the issues of underclass despair, hopelessness and joblessness and instead blames successful white people for the black plight and opines that the only solution is to extort even more wealth from the producers to give to the non producing mob. A very Democrat(ic) idea indeed. They won’t reverse it!

Morally, perversion in every category is now the norm, including marriage. I cannot endeavor to place my finger on any section of the Constitution that authorizes nine unelected jurists to materially redefine what constitutes the holy bonds of marriage for all society. For over forty years we have been murdering infants because the nine unelected jurists said it was okay to do so. They have even found, hidden in the text of our constitution, some authority for civilians to kill innocents.

America has entered the era of “reverse.” What was once wrong is now right, and “reverse.” What was once bad, is now good, and “reverse.” What was once perverted, immoral and evil is now welcomed, loving and good, and, you had damned well better get used to it.

The loonies are in charge of the institution and we have finally arrived at the future depicted in the movie “Escape from New York.” The inmates are armed, aggressive and demanding. Violence is the norm and peace only exists while contenders reload. Democratic led cities are in chaos and they blame everybody but themselves, just like the president. They offer no solutions but expect the sheep to continue them in office by offering up an elderly, aging old hag, rife with criminality. Remember, freedom is the goal, the constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em! (29 Dec 2013)

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