Jasper Middle School BETA Club participated in a new fundraiser

Jasper Middle

Written by: Sadie Phillips

8th Grader at JMS

sadie phillips jaser middle school student

At the beginning of March, the Jasper Middle School BETA Club participated in a new fundraiser called Pennies for Patients. This fundraiser created friendly competition between classes to support the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society by earning their class the title of most dollars per student. The reward for the winner would be a breakfast for the classroom that collected the most change. This was a fun way to help address the issue of leukemia and lymphoma today.

This fundraiser not only raised hundreds of dollars but helped many students earn their BETA points for their eighth grade year. Eighth grade students Sadie Phillips, Ansley Parks, Michelle Pickett, Sarah Parks, Cassidy Richards, Reagan Harwood, and Heather Vincent took time out of their connection classes and clubs to count the collected change. After the fundraiser, the students achieved a total of around $613!

Many hearts were inspired to give as the fundraiser continued. One student had a personal experience of having a loss in the family due to these diseases and gave her birthday money for the fundraiser instead of purchasing something for herself. Students set their personal boxes out to collect at restaurants and other local locations to earn the most they could for their class. Whether it was pocket change or twenty dollar bills, students gave to the cause to help those in need.

Fantastic job to the Jasper Middle School BETA club for raising over $600 for the children and adults needing help with these life-threatening diseases, and thank you to the students who gave and counted the Pennies for Patients.

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