Brandon Bell and Karolina Kearns Talk About Their Experience in State Competition

Jasper Middle

By Sadie Phillips, 8th grader at JMS

Brandon Bell

Brandon Bell, 6th grade at Jasper Middle School, achieved his position at the state Science Fair competition this school year. The following are his thoughts on the competition:

What was one of the hardest challenges to overcome?

It was hard to overcome the responsibility of having to wake up every morning and get my project and start working, I had no free time, but it really helped.

What were some of your competitor’s topics? Were they tough competition?

There were some like wind turbulence and earthquakes, and there were about 5 or so I thought were tough competitors, but I tried to remain humble through the competition.

How did you work through the competition and stress?

I tried to make friends and keep my cool. When the interviewers asked me questions, I kept my answers simple and straightforward.

Will you do this again?

Yes, it was a fun experience, and I hope to go to state again.




Karolina Kearns

Karolina Kearns, 7th grade at Jasper Middle School, worked her way to the top in the State Geography Bee this school year. The following are her thoughts about the competition:

How difficult was it to remember some of the facts you knew?

A first I did really good and they were pretty easy and as it went on it got harder, but it wasn’t a matter of recalling, but of knowing the questions really.

What were some of the hardest questions?

The ones about capitals and the weird but true facts were difficult.

Did you study a lot or were you able to recall everything from memory?

I studied a little and going through 6th grade geography and 7th grade improved my knowledge about the countries.

Will you do this again next year?

Oh yeah! It was so much fun.


Jasper Middle School and Pickens County School System are extremely proud of these two competitive and determined students! Fantastic job to Brandon Bell and Karolina Kerns!

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