Mr. James George Karvunis: Obituary


James George Karvunis, age 77, passed peacefully at his home in Big Canoe, Georgia, on Sunday, November 26, 2017 at 5:15 am. Private memorials will be held in Big Canoe, his birthplace of Indiana and his Greek Homeland at a later date. May God grant him eternal rest for his soul.

Mr. Karvunis is survived by his Wife: Terressa Karvunis, Sons: Greg George Karvunis, Steven George Karvunis, Alex George Karvunis and Aaron Wilner, Daughter: Georgeanne Karvunis, Sister: Sophia George Karvunis and Kathrine George Karvunis.

Mr. Karvunis is preceded in death by his Parents: George & Constantina Karvunis and Brother: John George Karvunis.

+ In God We Trust +

Cagle Funeral Home is honored to serve the Karvunis Family.

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