Pickens County Chamber Announces New President/C.E.O.

Pickens County Chamber

I am proud to announce that Ms. Amberle Godfrey has been selected as the new President/C.E.O. of the
Pickens County Chamber of Commerce.

Amberle is a native of Pickens County and has been serving as Interim Executive Director since early
August. Prior to that she had served as Interim Operations Director. She has also served as a member of
the Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors, including Chairman. During Amberle’s tenure, the
chamber has seen tremendous financial stabilization and many improvements in other areas.

The selection was made after a grueling search process facilitated by Anissa Starnes with Swingbridge
Consulting. Fifty-nine applications were received for the position including several from local and
neighboring areas, as well as across the country and Canada. Working with Anissa, thirteen top
candidates were identified, and then through phone, web and personal interviews, the number was cut
to three. From a highly skilled and experienced pool of applicants, the committee realized that without
question Amberle has the skills, the knowledge of our culture and recent progress and the passion to
take our chamber to the next level. Amberle will continue her duties as Interim through the remainder
of the year, and assume her new role effective January 1, 2019, the beginning of the fiscal year for the

Please everyone welcome Amberle to this critical position in the continued improvement in our
community! The future is bright!

Sonny Proctor, M.D.
Board of Directors
Pickens County Chamber of Commerce

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