Jones Mountain Road shutdown


(Photo courtesy of the Pickens County Sheriff’s Department)

TALKING ROCK, Ga. – Avoid Jones Mountain Road near the Gilmer county line this weekend as major damage has come from this week’s storms.

Pickens County Commission Chairman Rob Jones has confirmed with FYN that the road has washed out approximately two miles from the Pickens-Gilmer county line. Further, authorities are completely shutting down this area to all traffic except those living in the immediate vicinity.

Due to the massive amount of rainfall and runoff, Jones said that numerous trees have fallen. One incident arose around 11 a.m. today, February 22, when a water line was pulled out of the ground.

The National Weather Service has issued warnings in North Georgia about the excessive rain softening the ground and causing an increase in major damage and washouts in affected counties. This is one such incident as Jones reports county authorities are already on scene attempting to fix the problem.

However, this is not a simple task to be completed in one day as Jones suspects they will need to continue working today and likely tomorrow. Additionally, he did admit a chance that the damage could cause the road to remain shutdown over the entire weekend.

Jones confirmed nobody was injured during the incident and partial washout, but has closed the road to traffic to prevent further threat. Emergency authorities across North Georgia are greatly stressing the dangers of drivers traveling through submerged parts of roads. They continue to tell citizens NOT to attempt this as any number of hidden dangers or holes could be under the water.

Again, citizens are to avoid the Jones Mountain Road area two miles from the county line and should assume this to remain in effect for the weekend.

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