Jasper tables zoning for further inspection


JASPER, Ga. – Looking deeper into the rezoning ordinances, one application is drawing attention in Jasper as the owner, Wayne Reece, works with county and is potentially looking at reworking the housing project at 26 Hickory Street because of it.

Wayne Reece speaks to the Jasper City Council about the rezoning of his property at 26 Hickory Street.

Wayne Reece speaks to the Jasper City Council about the rezoning of his property at 26 Hickory Street.

The topic seemed to be stalling at first as council member Dr. Sonny Proctor originally questioned the project saying that he was not happy with the way the plans were looking. Proctor said he has great interest in historical architecture and the project as it was originally presented as “small lots with craftsman type hopes that I was very much intrigued by.”

However, Proctor then said that the project has evolved into something different. He said the project is compliant with current codes and zones, but it was not exactly the project he was excited about. Reflecting on the original appearances of the concept of the buildings, it did not correlate with some of the needs identified for the city.

Proctor said they are continuing to work on the “environment” in zoning and working with the community to accomplish these plans. He said he wanted to see the project go forward, but with some revisit to the plans in order to get the project back to where it started.

Reece replied saying, “I am certainly willing to request that you table this for 30 days. I am happy to meet with you individually to explain this. My concept is more on the lines of traditional neighborhood development where people can live close to places that they walk to. And so that we, in fact, reduce traffic and improve livability.”


Reece said that he has worked with the city before and they have worked with him on projects. He noted that the project was within the scope of the city’s comprehensive plan and codes. He went on to say the his proposed building is “in sync with historical architecture” but also interested in details, opposing things like “flat windows” or “narrow shutters” against the wall without hinges. He wants a positive statement for the community in this project and said he wants the city to work with him on sorting out the project.

Consulting City Attorney David Syfan on several parts of the issue, the motion for the tabling came down from council member Kirk Raffield to table the item to the May 4 meeting to also hold another public hearing for the rezoning.

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