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The Jasper Planning and Zoning Commission approved annexing a lot on Hwy. 515. The measure will now go to the Jasper City Council.

The Jasper City  Planning and Zoning Commissioners met on Tuesday night to discuss annexing property and amending the Zoning Ordinance.

The board approved a request to annex 41121 Highway 515 South into the City of Jasper and rezoning it to C-2. The motion will now go to the Jasper City Council for approval.

The soil wasn’t suitable for a septic system, according to City Manager Brandon Douglas. If approved by the city  council, the owners can pay to join the city sewer.

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The Jasper City Planning and Zoning Commission also approved sending a request to amend the text of the Jasper Zoning Ordinance for the section of permitted and conditional uses by districts to allow the use of a brewer in the CBD. The specific location was the end of Main Street at the location of the former Angry Mama’s Auction.

The next Planning Commission meeting is not scheduled. The next Planning and Zoning Board of Appeals meeting is not scheduled.

The Jasper City Council meets on Monday, June 1 at 6 p.m.

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