Pickens Board of Education run-off: Tommy Gartrell

Board of Education, Election 2020

Gartrell says he is a “common sense conservative” with lifelong ties to the community.

Tommy Gartrell is on the ballot for District 1 seat on the Pickens County Board of Education run-off election on August 11, 2020. Voting is already underway and candidate Gartrell, has answered some questions to help voters decide how to cast their ballots.

Why do you feel like you are the most qualified for this position?

I am uniquely qualified for this position because as a parent, tax payer/property owner and the spouse of a career educator, I can see our schools from multiple angles. The BOE makes more financial decisions than decisions about curriculum, so my business and life experiences could be of great value as a member of the board.

List your qualifications/experience that is applicable to  this position.


Gartrell advocates for more transparency and better communication.

I hold a degree in English and minor in secondary education and over 25 years of management and budgeting experience with small businesses as well as Fortune 500 companies. This county has always been my home, therefore I’ve been active in our community and various local organizations from coaching youth sports to volunteering with the Pickens Historical Society and Boys and Girls Clubs of North Georgia. I’ve served on several advisory and administrative boards including most recently as a Vice Chair of the Pickens County Republican Party.

What do you want the voters to know about you that will help them make a decision?

I am a common sense conservative and a parent of school age children. No current member of the Pickens County Board of Education has a child within our school system, but I do. It’s one thing to try to put yourself in a parent’s place when making decisions about schools and children, but it is much different if you are actually the parent of a child who’s impacted by that decision. I have been endorsed by former candidate Mathew O’Bryant as well.

Gartrell said as a parent, he understands the impact board decisions have on families.

What are some issues in the Board of Education would you like to improve on?

I would like better communication with the community and more transparency from the Board.

How can voters contact you with questions?

Phone: 706-515-5448
Facebook messenger: Gartrell for Board of Education- Post 1

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